Things you can follow to be more secure online

The revolution of the internet has allowed you to do everything online from purchasing your favorite dress to making payments. But, that much exposure also creates a threat to your personal data and hacking. Cyber Cell receives a ton of fraud and identity theft complaints on a daily basis that it becomes almost impossible to put a stop to it, but there are few things you can follow to secure yourself a little more.

Sources :- Cyber Cell

Use Password Manager

The most convenient way to hack anything is to put a particular combination of your login credentials. To secure your account, you should use a password manager that can set a distinctive and unpredictable password for your account. To use the password manager, you need only one password to unlock the password manager, and it will automatically give you the online access to your accounts. Apart from securing your password, it will provide you with a centralized platform to access your all accounts which will save your time and improve efficiency.

Use a VPN

Using a VPN can secure you from data hacking. Whenever you use an unknown Wi-Fi connection, make sure you use a VPN (Virtual Portal Network). VPN will make sure that you have a secure link, and no one can access your files and data.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is the second layer of security to access any online accounts. It makes your account more secure if your account holds any sensitive data. Many servers offer two-factor authentication. No one can log in to your account just by username and password. Two Factor Authentication can be done by your personal identification like a fingerprint or by sending you a code to the registered mobile number or email address.


Using a passcode can add more security to your smartphone devices and tablets. Using a passcode or scan is more secure than a PIN.

Use a Disposable Credit Card

The credit card system’s security is not up to the mark. To make your credit card more secure, try getting a disposable credit card number. Whenever you want to buy something new, you can ask for a unique credit card number from your bank. After making the purchase, that number will not work again. Don’t forget to ask your bank about this service.

Different Login Credentials for Different Accounts

Setting different email ids with different accounts makes your account more secure and safe. It also makes it easy for you to find any suspicious email. Separating email id can be used for different agendas like signing for applications or buying any subscription.

You can also use services like Guerillamail to use a temporary login id with proper authentication. You don’t even need to sign up to use their services.

Remove Cache

The saved cache on your phone can serve a cookie to your hacker. The saved cache includes your cookies, searches, and web history. Removing your cache improves your chances of not getting hacked as sometimes it also holds sensitive personal information like residential address and other personal data.

Don’t Let Your Browser Save Your Credentials

Have you ever noticed that whenever you log in to new sites, your browser asks you to auto-save the password for you? It’s best for your safety if you don’t let your browser save your password.

Know your security tools

Before installing your security application, make sure you explore them properly and make maximum use of it. Explore your security system more properly and find more ways to secure yourself efficiently.

Don’t Click on Click-Baits

Exploring the internet includes a lot of tempting advertisements that grab your attention and prompt you to click on it. These click-baits can have links that can be a threat to your security. Even if you receive emails with such links, don’t click on it unless you are confident about the sender and the same rule applies on Social Media.

These rules can be a life-saver if you can incorporate them in your life. The internet is full of malware and hackers, and the web has been so intensely immersed in our lives that we cannot protect our information from merely protection software. We should be extra careful about our data on the internet, and these points will help you in achieving that extra safety.

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