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Best Facebook Analytics Tools You Should Use in 2020

Facebook Marketing is a major part of all social media strategies. With a whopping number of 1.55 billion users, Facebook is one of the most significant platforms for social media marketing.  Your marketing strategy can be analyzed with the metrics, various reports, and trends. There are several analytics tools available in the market. These are some of the paid tools which you can use to step up your social media game: 

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SoTrender allows you to manage customer care with ease. It enables you to answer comments and messages, provides real-time updates about conversations, lets you use tags, filters and view moderation reports. You can also benefit from the sentiment analysis of the comments on your post. SoTrender offers a free 14-day trial, and if you wish to continue, it will cost you $40 per month.

Features of SoTrender:

  • You will see a full picture of your social media performance on one dashboard.
  • SoTrender lets you analyze what content is performing well and what is not so that you can make a better social media strategy.
  • You can generate reports with descriptions and they can be easily shared and customized.
  • You can track the performance of your competitor by learning about their audience and their content. You can also create charts.

Brandwatch Consumer Research

Brandwatch will help to get the right information to your audience in the most accessible format. It has the most efficient and advanced AI loaded with features like iris, image analysis, and data segmentation.

Features of Brandwatch:

  • Brandwatch has a feature that lets you track the progress of your content and know which content is working for you so that you can make informed decisions.
  • Brandwatch also lets you know about metrics like data on your post’s engagement.
  • You can also do sentiment analysis and discover which posts are more engaging and which are creating conversations.


Brand24 is a powerhouse for managing your Facebook campaigns. It allows you to track your competition, monitor your social media and improve your online reputation with ORM.

Features of Brand24

  • Brand24 lets you improve customer satisfaction by tracking online reviews about your products or services. It will give you a chance to communicate with your customers and enhance the rate of customer satisfaction.
  • Brand24 lets you manage your online reputation by giving you access to the comments on your social media posts.
  • You can also measure your marketing strategy by tracking engagement including likes, shares and comments.
  • You can also get automated reports in PDF and Excel format.


SocialBakers helps you to manage all your marketing tasks easily. It helps you with audience analysis, publishing, scheduling, analytics, benchmarking, content intelligence and community management.

Features of SocialBakers:

  • Socialbakers helps you in measuring & reporting by giving you access to the metrics of your organic and paid efforts.
  • It also helps you with your content strategy by giving you access to the necessary tools.
  • SocialBaker also lets you discover influencers and helps you in tracking them and aligning the whole process.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ is a powerful analytics tool with features like competitive analysis, influencer tracking, social reporting and audits.

Features of Rival IQ:

  • It provides you with a custom dashboard to track your reports.
  • You can share reports with your clients and collaborators via email.
  • You can give separate login credentials to every collaborator.
  • You can also track and measure the performance of your influencer across multiple platforms.


Unmetric makes benchmarking easy by comparing and analyzing your social media performance. Their analytics will help you to create a better marketing strategy by competitor benchmarking, reporting etc.

Features of Unmetric:

  • Unmetric provides automated reports right in your email inbox.
  • You can also discover content and campaign ideas before making your strategy.
  • Unmetric provides all insights into one dashboard so you can analyze trends on social media.


There is no denying that social media plays a vital role in increasing awareness, building a strong community, and generating more leads. The easiest way to reach people is to use a social media strategy.

But, building your brand on social media can be very time-consuming, and it requires a lot of efforts. Here, these social media tools are your saviors because they manage social media platforms for you and automate this process by giving you insights.

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