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Best Facebook Analytics Tools You Should Use in 2020

Facebook Marketing is a major part of all social media strategies. With a whopping number of 1.55 billion users, Facebook is one of the most significant platforms for social media marketing.  Your marketing strategy can be analyzed with the metrics, various reports, and trends. There are several analytics tools available in the market. These areContinue reading “Best Facebook Analytics Tools You Should Use in 2020”

7 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you investing a lot on Facebook ads and returns are not quite good? Maybe you are making some ad mistakes that are eating away your marketing budget. The following are 7 Facebook ad mistakes that can cost you a lot and how to avoid them. Sources :- Facebook Ad Mistakes 1. Testing Multiple InterestsContinue reading “7 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”

How to Download Facebook Videos for Free

Facebook, the most popular social networking platform, is loaded with content. From videos to memes, there is a wealth of informative and entertaining material that you might want to refer to at a later point. While Facebook allows you to save videos, there isn’t any direct download feature available for videos. However, do not loseContinue reading “How to Download Facebook Videos for Free”

How to Add or Remove Music from Facebook Profile

The most reliable and versatile social media platform is Facebook. The biggest reason for the popularity is that Facebook keeps releasing new features and improving the user interface. It is easy to use, and users can easily connect with friends from all around the world. You can watch videos, photos, and short clips on Facebook.Continue reading “How to Add or Remove Music from Facebook Profile”

267 Million Facebook Identities Sold: Things to Know and do

The latest major data breach has leaked and sold the personal information of almost 267 million. This major data breach has taken place in such a time when most of the people all across the world are more dependent on channels of social media than ever before. The increased dependency of the people on socialContinue reading “267 Million Facebook Identities Sold: Things to Know and do”