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Pokemon Go: All Major Counters of Mega Blastoise

Mega Raids are finally available in Pokemon Go throughout the world. Currently, with the help of Special Research and Mega Raids, trainers can earn Mega Energy. The bosses in Mega Raid battles are Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard, and Mega Venusaur. All these three Pokemon belong to the starter category of the “Kanto” region. Mega Raid battles are slightly different from normal Raid battles. In Mega Raid battles, trainers have to battle against Mega Evolved Pokemon that offers rewards like Mega Energy.

Sources :- Pokemon Go: All Major Counters of Mega Blastoise

However, winning the Mega Raid battles is not as easy as regular Raid battles. Trainers have to make a strong team with friends to defeat the Mega Pokemon. If trainers win the raid quickly, they can win a high number of Mega Energy. A thing to remember is that not every Pokemon evolves in Mega form.

The entire three starters Pokemon in Mega Raid are quite powerful, and they all belong to different types. However, Blastoise is a Water-type Pokemon, and it is the toughest Pokemon for many trainers. To defeat the Mega Blastoise, you have to prepare with some strong trainers for Raid battle and choose those Pokemon, which are strong against Mega Blastoise. The best option to defeat the Mega Blastoise is to use the Grass and Electric-type Pokemon. So here is the list of Pokemon that you can use in the Mega Blastoise Raid battle.

Best Mega Blastoise Counters

  • Shadow Raikou – ThunderShock/Wild Charge
  • Shadow Zapdos – ThunderShock/Thunderbolt
  • Shadow Magnezone – Spark/Wild Charge
  • Zekrom – Charge Beam/Wild Charge
  • Mega (or Shadow) Venusaur – Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant
  • Shadow Mewtwo – Psycho Cut/Thunderbolt
  • Tangrowth – Vine Whip/Power Whip

All these above mentioned Pokemon are very strong against Mega Blastoise, and also popular among trainers. Most of the trainers have registered Zaptos, Raikou, and Mewtwo. If any trainers don’t have the above mentioned Pokemon, they simply have to use their most powerful Electric and Grass-type Pokemon and prepare for battle.

After successfully defeating the Mega Blastoise, trainers will get Mega Energy of Blastoise to help this Pokemon turn in Mega form. Remember that Blastoise’s Mega Energy can be only used on Blastoise; it can’t be used on any other Pokemon. On the first attempt, trainers have to use 200 Mega Energy, but it will drop down to only 50 Mega Energy after that.


The Mega Evolution theme will completely live in September. Niantic might reveal several new species of Pokemon along with some Mega forms of existing Pokemon. However, things will get clear when Niantic launches new content in September.

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