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Pokemon Go: September Research Breakthrough Confirmed

September is coming closer day by day, and Pokemon Go has confirmed a fresh Research Breakthrough. In August month, several powerful Pokemon are appearing in Raid battles and Research Tasks. In the August month, players can catch a specific type of Pokemon that appears a lot of time in Raid battles. That specific Pokemon is Alolan “Raichu.” This Pokemon is an Electric/Psychic-type Pokemon that will be available in September Research Breakthrough.

Sources :- Pokemon Go: September Research Breakthrough Confirmed

Currently, Alolan Raichu is not available in Research Breakthrough, but from 1st September, it will be available. Alolan Raichu is a rare Pokemon that usually doesn’t appear anywhere. With the Research Breakthrough, trainers can register Alolan Raichu in their Pokedex. The ability of electric and psychic makes Raichu a special kind of Pokemon. Raichu is an excellent option if you are looking to win a raid battle. For a long time, trainers are waiting for this Pokemon to arrive, and now in September, they will have the opportunity to get it quickly.

Alolan Raichu is weak against Ghost, Dark, Bug, and Ground-type moves. However, if you are fighting against Steel, Flying, Psychic, or Fighting-type, you can choose Alolan Raichu. You can win some great battles with Raichu, but you have to know its moves and potential. If you are using Raichu in battle, make sure you use strong moves against your opponent.

  • Raichu’s Fast Moves – Spark, Thunder Shock, Volt Switch
  • Raichu’s Charge Moves – Thunder Punch, Wild Charge, Psychic, Grass Knot.

If you use Volt Switch and Wild Charge together, you can have the best result for using Raichu. The psychic charge move takes time to charge, but it is also a decisive move. While the Alolan Raichu is more powerful than normal Raichu.

In the August Research Breakthrough, Scraggy is appearing. Scraggy is a great Pokemon but trainers have mixed feelings about this Pokemon. Some players prefer to get the Pokemon by hunting down rather than getting in the Research Encounters.

Now trainers are waiting for September to arrive because next month is going to introduce a new Mega Evolution theme and new Pokemon for Raid battles. Right now, Heatrun is appearing in the 5-star raid battle. This legendary Pokemon is unique because of its Fire/Steel-type nature. Trainers are busy to catch this beast, but September will bring more legendary Pokemon.


Niantic keeps the trainers updated by proving news in the game, and they also keep the trainers updated through social media. The main reason behind the popularity of Pokemon Go is that service and the gameplay. It works on AR, and that’s what makes it better than other games.

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