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Scorsese Signs Deals to Make Movies For Apple

Martin Scorsese is all set to work with Leonardo DiCaprio again in his next project with Apple TV+. Netflix produces Martin’s The Irishman, but Apple’s and Scorsese’s have long-term relationships and tie-ups. There is news that both have signed a few new deals together. Also, the Leonardo- Martin pair have collaborated many times for manyContinue reading “Scorsese Signs Deals to Make Movies For Apple”

Nokia and Apple Collaborate To Launch The World’s First Network Operating System

Slowly, the technology is developing, and it has witnessed AI or Artificial intelligence, big data, VR, AR, and now a new operating system. Under the trend of the advanced technology, all are going to enter into the new era of a network-based system. Huawei is one of the major companies that is working on theContinue reading “Nokia and Apple Collaborate To Launch The World’s First Network Operating System”

Apple’s Surprising MacBook Air Decision

Everyone must be aware of the revolutionary laptop, which was introduced by Apple in January 2008 with a 13.3-inch screen. It was promoted as the world’s thinnest notebook. After the first release of the MacBook Air, Apple in its continuation has released a line of MacBook Air laptops. The second designed of MacBook Air gotContinue reading “Apple’s Surprising MacBook Air Decision”

Follow These Steps to Customize VoiceOver on Your Apple Watch

VoiceOver is one of the best and the most used accessibility features of the Apple Watch. It is one of the applications that was developed for individuals who have some visual impairment. This feature will allow their user to give the command over voice over, which proves too helpful for the users. Steps To SetContinue reading “Follow These Steps to Customize VoiceOver on Your Apple Watch”