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What Are Freemium Applications And How Do They Work?

Applications are major tools in the world of digitalization, and without apps, numerous tasks can’t happen. If you use a mobile device or computer, then you must use applications to complete your task.  Currently, two type of apps available, which is “Freemium” and “Premium.” Freemium apps are those, that do not charge money for using. However, if you want to get extra advanced features, then you need to convert it into premium apps with a particular amount of money. Freemium and Premium both types are important, and both are part of the tool.

Sources :- What Are Freemium Applications And How Do They Work?

There are several examples of Freemium apps available, and you might use it too. The benefit of Freemium apps is that they can be in use without taking a subscription. But there is a limit of service you cannot go further until you take premium. Basically, premium unlocks every feature of app and service, and in Freemium, there is a limit. In the older times, there were very few apps that provide premium services, but now you can find several apps that provide paid premium service for enhanced feature.

Freemium Applications are Nothing New

Nowadays, users see premium sign on so many applications, but it’s not new. Before there were a few applications that were able to give premium services but now the number is increased. Freemium apps are restricted that do things in their limits. To break those limits you need to take a subscription. It’s a part of the business too, and there is nothing wrong in it. If you want to get better features without any restrictions, then it is essential to pay for it.

Some apps charge monthly, and some do it in once for a lifetime. The chart for additional applications is just increasing. It is because of its worth, so people also pay for it. However, it is not always important to take subscription of any Freemium app because it is all about usage. If your usage of the app is low and you don’t require additional feature than there will be no benefit for you for taking the premium. It varies on person to person and their usage.

Numerous Number of Freemium Apps

Unlike the older times now, Freemium apps can earn popularity in short time. In the Play Store and App Store, there is a tough competition between the apps for features and Freemium services. Still, most of the people prefer to use Freemium apps instead of taking a subscription. To monetize the application faster, most of the apps provide service of removing ads which is really a big issue in the current time. Ads create various problems, and most of the time it keeps covering the display of app so, in order to remove them permanently, apps give the option of taking premium.

Almost every type of productivity app, online music, and show streaming and cloud storage service like apps charge from users for some better features. You might see the Spotify app, which is an online music app that has two modes which are Spotify Free and Spotify Premium. In the free (Freemium ) version you cannot download music and ads also enable but in premium version you can download the music and ads will be removed from the application.

Growth Of In-App Purchases and Free Apps

Most of the games and application are in-app purchase apps. It means that you can download the app or game free, but there are some additional things that you can buy for getting some additional items in the game. You can see there are some rewards that are available and to get there, it requires payment. Those apps are free, but these apps can’t be called full free apps. In full free Apps, you can include WhatsApp, which is a  free app and does not ask for any payment. Even after additional features and premium apps, the usage of Freemium apps is still the upper head. However, there might be the number of premium users will increase because premium in apps the changes of piracy is less.

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