How to Create Custom Zoom Backgrounds to Entertain your Coworkers

Typically when you are connected with a web camera, your camera shows your home background like your room kitchen, etc., depending on where you are. Zoom just like Microsoft Teams allows you to create a custom background. This way, the background camera will only be accessing your face and nothing unnecessary.

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In this article, we will teach you how you can enable this option.  Zoom has a statics background that can also replace looping Video with the static image. We will teach you how you can choose your background to exchange with the first Zoom option.

How to Switch on Custom Background in Zoom

Previously, Zoom demanded a “Green screen” to start the custom backgrounds, the green background used by the movie-makers.  Green screens are used because, in the human body, there are no green pigments or cells that can merge with the videos and have harmful effects on the background.

However, with time Zoom application became more convenient and smart enough to find a difference between you and the object behind you. Zoom application has several options and features that you need to enable to as your requirement on your background, here is the list:

  • Up-to-date Zoom application running in Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10.
  • A computer that supports microprocessor 6th generation quad-core, Core i5, 4th generation quad-core i7, or 3GHZ processor along with 8 core and above.

When the main screen of Zoom launched up, you can see the main page of the zoom. The first work to do is tap on the Zoom application settings that appear on the upper right corner of the screen. It contains several options, but the most relevant option is the virtual background.

Zoom creates these steps straightforward as default. Zoom automatically switch on webcam, and you can able to on others in your chat only with your custom background. You can replace your original background with any images you like.

How to Create a Custom Background in Zoom Application

Background creating in the Zoom application is the easiest way. If you tap on the little plus icon that shows as “+,” then you can open all the options by choosing static background on Video. Picture files support BMP, PNG, and JPG.

With video, you have two options MP4 and MOV; you might be required a background picture that aspect size in ratio 16; 9 or minimum size required is 12800 x 720 pixel. Video file needs 480 x 360 pixel as also supports (360p) and maximum size up to 1080p as size 1920 x 1080.

Choosing a fixed picture is an easy task and in the current version of the Zoom, the application allows many features like PCWorld containing a background picture of Bridge from the star enterprises. Zoom also suggests you feel free for the copyrights of the image that you are using in your background.

When you have chosen a picture or video files, Zoom automatically adds its visual menu to the virtual background in the virtual settings menu.

How to Create a Video Loop as a Custom Background in Zoom

Video editor is the second option in the Windows and whenever you start a Video editor application on your PC, you can see the option that asks you to start a new project. You need to title the video project and then tap on the Add option.

Afterwards, choose the video you wish to edit and the clip will appear on the project library. Here you need to drag the video clip into storyboard near the first box. Here you need to add all the short effects to your clip.

The trim screen permits you to use trims maker on your clip and allows you to trim video resolution and length. You can also pin to define the part where you have end videos.

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