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Why Is Samsung Software Update Getting B- in the Report Card?

From the last few times, Samsung has improved its product and services, especially their Android updates. The Updates are something that usually users wait so that bugs of the smartphone will get fixed easily.

Samsung is a big name in Android smartphones, and they usually update their software from time to time. Samsung is going to launch its best smartphones. When you have an unlocked or carrier smartphone, you will get the latest update on both the smartphone. 

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There are some chances that it may take little time to get the latest update.  The software has improved a lot over the last few years. Samsung’s smartphone users can make speculations of the releasing the latest and the full version in upcoming 8-12 months or after Google builds the new update for the smartphones. Some of the smartphone users need the update instantly, but the company needs to make the strongest and safest update to test, build, and fix all the significant bugs. If Google has scheduled any update, then you will also get those updates every year, otherwise, wait for the notification by Google.

Security patches are one of the other parts that Samsung usually works to ensure the safety of its consumers. Samsung’s security update works on three vectors or patches: Google’s carrier patches, Samsung Knox, and Android Security Bulletin.

What’s Not Good In The New Samsung’s Update?

You will get the latest update released by Google in the first year if you have a more expensive Samsung’s smartphone. But, some other phones like Galaxy S7 also get security updates on time. But for now, Samsung has shifted its focus on the latest and best-released smartphones regarding all updates.

For the budget smartphones, it is pretty hard to get the security update. Galaxy A series is a type of phone that gets updated regularly. That means you will at least get the update once in three months, as google releases patches once in a month. The Samsung Galaxy J series was popular just a year or two years ago, but now the company has avoided this smartphone completely and is working on their new flagship phones.

The company is following the trend and producing smartphones that are pretty easier to use. In the first year of the smartphone, you will get all the best and the latest services, especially security patches. In most of the carrier smartphones, the carrier still manages to get them. Still, the unlocked smartphones like Galaxy 20 will get its updated security patches on the fifth day of the month or sometimes, before this duration.

You may see some of the older models will also get the security update patches. But they are only available until it supports your smartphone. Still, the company is sending enough updates on the security patches every 90 days to their users, which is quite impressive. It makes Samsung better than other Android smartphones. The Galaxy S10 users have great news that even after the model becomes one of their “Old” smartphones, they are still getting the latest update timely.

Here the region also plays a crucial role as the trend as mentioned earlier is followed in North America and western Europe. Still, when you go towards Asian countries, then the whole thing is depending upon the luck bi-chance situation.

If you have Galaxy S10 or Note 10, and residing in Vietnam, Romania or Asian Countries, then your smartphones must be several months behind regarding the security package patches, and there is no big reason behind this scene. There are more chances that your current living region is the issue that you can’t get the security patches. If you are in North America and you have your smartphone with your local language then also you can download or install the new update without facing any issue.

There is nothing personal with the policies and practices of Samsung regarding the updates, but it’s really sad to say that Samsung values those customers who are paying more. There is no need to make an estimation as to why Samsung is taking such decisions, as these are the part of their internal policies.

The report card of Samsung Update

After doing research on the internet and reading too much about the product, one of the tech websites gave them B-.

Let’s assume that you live in a western country and have Galaxy Note 10 series or Galaxy S10/20 series; then you might have the Android 10 with April’s 2020 security update. It’s a perfect combo, where the product gets A+.

The reason that degrades the product is that Samsung is biased in providing update features to different countries, and above them, they value branded smartphones. Samsung needs to work on this topic, and hopefully, they will work.

The best thing about Samsung is that they have improved a lot in recent years in all the aspects. They have assured that every flagship phone will get the update (including security package) on or before time, which is a great deal. For their efforts, Samsung will get A grade, and the whole tech world is looking forward to seeing what changes Samsung is going to make to offer a better and a perfect deal to their consumers. You won’t get any latest update (Android 11) on day one, but shortly this update will be available for the Samsung users, most probably in the next spring.  Even important updates are coming earlier than before, which is a great initiative by the company for its users.

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