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How to Use VPN to Hide IP Address

Hiding location data from others seems very complicated, but the process is simple by using VPN service on your handheld device. Every device is connected to the internet, and it runs on Internet protocol or IP address that can be accessed by someone to view your system’s identity and its current location. If you are person about your device privacy and your location, then you may hide your system identity and location too by using VPN service on your device. Once you have concealed the identity from outsiders, then your device is safe.

Sources :- Use VPN to Hide IP Address

The IP address of a device can’t be removed. You can only hide it from the sight of other viewers through the process of masking it with the second one.

Advantages of Hiding IP Address on Your Device

Hiding IP data related to a specific device provides various benefits to the users facilitating them with end to end encryption systems.

  • First of all, Hiding IP addresses restricts various malicious sites that use such IP data to make money on the basis of the data received by them. If you perform masking operations for your IP address, then it will reduce the risk of targeting your system IP address for various ad-based sites and contents.
  • Some users also want to hide their system’s IP address to perform some of the specific tasks online such as the torrenting and dark web.
  • Hiding IP addresses also enables the users to fix various issues based on the location restrictions used by various third-party sites to limit the contents for your use. VPN provides a smooth operation to hide your location or system identity that bypasses various restrictions imposed by government agencies, service providers and third-party apps.

Using VPN

The most straightforward method to conceal your IP address is to install and use the VPN or Virtual Private Network on your particular device. VPN enables the users to receive and send various data across various public networks or shared devices once it has been connected to a stable internet connection related to a private network.

Setting up VPN on iOS Device

  • First and foremost, you have to install a VPN app on your device and then log in to the app if you are first time users.
  • Then, you will be asked to allow and provide permission to add a particular VPN configuration to your handheld device.
  • Once you have performed all the instructions on your device carefully, then hit the Allow tab to configure and authenticate your device to VPN service. It works automatically.
  • Now, type the iOS password into the relevant section.
  • Once you have enabled the VPN service, then you may choose and connect on your desired time without relaunching the app. To do so, pursue these guidelines:
  • Hit the Settings tab directly from your Home screen.
  • Then, hit the general tab.
  • Choose the VPN option.
  • Next, if your device is showing multiple VPNs, then you need to hit the VPN Client option that you wish to use.

Then, turn the VPN to ON.

Hiding Current Location with VPN

VPN may vary from the other, but all of these offer the same features and tools with some replacements. Here, we are going to modify the location of your smartphone. You can change the device location to any other country to confuse others, and this helps you to save your device from malicious matters or contents.

  • Hit the VPN app to launch on your device.
  • Then, choose the Server location option.
  • Now, change the location to any of the available countries provided on the list.
  • Note: You may make modifications in the locations or regions at any time when you use the app again.

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