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Latest Tenet Trailer Uncovers Some Mysteries Nolan’s Been Hiding

Christopher Nolan is no doubt one of the popular hiders around the world.  Especially in film industries, he is pretty famous for hiding many secrets about his forthcoming films. No doubt that he has done some remarkable masterpieces, but he always keeps some facts about his anticipating movies secret from the fans.

Sources :- Uncovers Some Mysteries Nolan’s Been Hiding

Recently, Warner Bros. rolled out a new trailer for the anticipated movie Tenet in which we found some interesting secrets that were kept secret up till now. Also bear in mind that the trailer only reveals a few secrets, not all of them. We still doubt that Christopher Nolan has uncovered every secret about the movies even in this promotion clip.

Tenet will likely be the first biggest movie in theatres after the lockdown and the events of the open-ended pandemic. Presently all movies have been delayed due to the ongoing social distancing and the transferable diseases. The moviegoers aren’t able to visit theatres to watch their most awaited movies.

However, people are hoping the Tenet movies to launch soon in the theatres, but according to the present situations, it seems almost impossible to release the movie in the theatres on the prescribed time.  

It is hard to imagine people going to theatres with bated breath to watch just a movie since the outbreak is getting even worse day by day.

The movie is presently planned to release on July 17, 2020, as claimed and promoted by the studio. In the new trailer, you can see that there is no new release date.

Instead, the trailer tells “coming to theatres” in the conclusion of the clip, and it has no particular date.  This could mean that the studio is still thinking to release the film on the planned day despite nobody is willing to leave their home. This could also mean that the production team is not sure what to tell the audience, especially about the release date due to the unpredictable situations.

However, it is more likely as per the recent trailer that the movie will roll out by July. 

Now coming to the content of the new trailer, it is insane and pretty dramatic. I am sure that you will try to not to get confused after seeing the trailer- It is mind-bending.

There is a scene in which John David Washington shoots with a handgun on the target. Now what’s special here is that when he shoots the bullet, it doesn’t hit the target, but from the target, it returns to the handgun. This is an insane thing shown in the trailer, and it is seriously a Christopher Nolan type scene. 

Again we see that yellow ship floating all way backwards in the ocean from the first official trailer. This ship can have a significant role in the movie. We also see a car chase scene in which when a car flips, it uses the time-reversed technique to get it back on the track.

This time we also see Washington’s character forcefully lay down on a train track and he is almost crushed by the speeding train. The Trailer also contains many other breathtaking scenes, and you will surely enjoy it.

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