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Games to Play and Avoid If You Like Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a classic game and has a huge player base, and there are a thousand different things to love about that game. If you are thriving for a similar game, with a similar playstyle and gameplay, here are some numbers for you to invest your time in, and some others that you would want to stay away from.

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The Dark Souls Trilogy made an impact because of its wide range of character customization, gameplay, and astounding attention to detail. The players loved and hated the game because of its steep learning curve that is brutal. And it comes with no surprise that the tagline of the trilogy is “Prepare to Die.” This trilogy has an ever-increasing fan-base that likes to challenge themselves with every play-through making it harder every time, but there comes a time when one needs to step back and check out other games. So this list here has you covered for such a moment, especially if you still want a Dark Souls taste.


Nioh is one of the few games that allow players to use a wide variety of weapons, magic, and Ninjutsu, without offering an option of full character customization. Set in Sengoku Era Japan, you play as William as he goes on his journey as a samurai. On the plus side, it has engaging co-op gameplay that gives off a solid Souls-like vibe. The boss battles are brutal, too, and will make you come back to face the same fate as before over and over again. This is a recommendable game not just for the gameplay, but also because of the art style as well if you are a fan of Japanese culture.


Rune II feels like it tried. It is a bit too hard to become a Dark Souls-like game as it comes off as the worst overall souls-like experiences that you can buy. It came out as an Epic Games Store Exclusive and had since received lots of negative reviews and criticisms. The in-game combat feels like it tried to be souls-like in form but ends up feeling like a bad Skyrim mod. There is meticulous crafting in the game along with gathering resources a lot, and therefore it ends up feeling like Minecraft.


Code Vein is one of the more recent inclusions in the genre and the combat, the gameplay style that it uses, and many mechanics that work extremely well for the genre it is a part of. The story may remind you of the Dark Souls franchise, as we play as a character who needs to traverse through multiple areas as we unlock different parts of our past. The combat is pretty similar, keeping in mind the few twists that happen in relation to the gear the character is equipped with. The character customization is very broad and offers many ways to make your character look however you want them to.


Dark SASI falls under the genre of dark fantasy and immediately gives off a Dark Souls-like vibe. It has a strong art style resemblance to Dark Souls, and the game is extremely dark. It gives its players a dark atmosphere that hinges on sometimes being so dark that you cannot see the sword you are holding and has atmospheres that could be seen in Dark Souls. Although it has that one thing going for it, it falls on the no pile because of faulty in-game mechanics, bad textures, and clunky boss fights.


“Let It Die” happens to be a game that not a lot of people have come across, but if looked into it, it fills the Souls-like genre really well. It has factors like weapon breakage, and therefore, you quickly need to keep changing your playstyles. Another good thing is that it is free, but that also implies that there are microtransactions in the game, but it is never forced upon the player. It offers fast-paced combat against swarms of enemies as you progress up a dark tower and make it to the 100th floor.


This one of such games that gives off a serious Dark Souls vibe by the atmosphere it puts the player in. But appearances can be deceiving. This game has extremely clunky boss battles that will leave you questioning how you were killed time and time again. In-game bugs like faulty hit-boxes make you keep swinging at air even if you pass right through the enemy you were trying to hit.  This isn’t a game to take on lightly as it can end up being more frustrating than any Dark Souls game.

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