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Worst Role-Playing Games of All Time

Role-Playing Games are one of the best genres in the gaming industry, and this title is rightfully earned. This genre has given the world amazing games that have changed the face of gaming multiple times. But just like the good ones, some games slide the wrong way and end up on the wrong side. Here is a list of the worst RPGs that we have come across in the past couple of decades, according to Metacritic.

Role-Playing games have offered up masterpieces like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Final Fantasy VII, Dark Souls and many more. These games made a lot of players fall in love with gaming in the first place. With elements like an open-world experience, elaborate character customization, or expansive lore, role-playing games have the potential to be truly immersive experiences. Thousands of games hit the market every year in the genre, and when there is so much to work on, there are always some games that miss the mark. So in this list, the comprehensive scores of Metacritic, though not always a perfect gauge for quality, give fans a clearer view of the RPGs that truly failed to meet their potential.


The concept of the game sounds intriguing at first glance. It is a game taking place in an alternate universe where all the conspiracy theories are right, from aliens to assassinations. It’s a huge task to be undertaken, but if pulled off, it had the potential to be really interesting. Although some critics give it credit for its soundtrack, most still agree that the game is extremely buggy with a really bad interface. At least for the players, the first episode is free on Steam, and one can test it out before making the decision to buy the game.


Being almost 15 years old, this game does retain some charm in its art style, with its finely detailed isometric landscapes and Fallout-inspired aesthetic. But apart from there, it does not have much of any other appeal. This game is flawed at the very core with broken quests and onerous combat. It doesn’t come as a surprise when one realizes that it is a game translated from Russian as the dialogues do not make any sense either. It just feels like a broken game.


Promising to have new and exciting dungeon crawling experience with a dash of horror, this came short because of a massive case of dullness.  All the potential comes crashing down, thanks to the game’s rogue-like elements. The unpredictable nature of enemy encounters and area layouts makes Crimson Keep extremely frustrating to play. It is extremely annoying for the players as there is no rhyme or reason to the gameplay and leaves players devoid of enjoyment or satisfaction.


2013’s Legends of Dawn started its life as a Kickstarter project, raising nearly twice its $25,000 goal. The developer promised a lot with the game and exclaimed that it is not for casual gamers at all. But despite the huge overflow of funds, the game went completely south. Probably ambition got the best of Legends of Dawn’s developers, the quests were broken with them activating at the wrong lengths in the narrative, and some not working at all. The game was heavily patched till 2015, but judging from the negative reviews, they probably couldn’t rectify much.


The initial leaked pictures of this game had players hopeful that it was a really good game as the “Red Dead Redemption” fever was already running around. And a wild west themed RPG didn’t seem like a bad idea. Many players were disappointed to discover that the game is afflicted by awkward animations, an empty world, and pesky microtransactions. The game had very little to offer.


Belonging to a legendary series like Final Fantasy, which boasts about having some of the best games ever on the console, “All the Bravest” does feel out of place. But this game missed the mark by a lot. While it has some redeeming qualities with its cute pixelated graphics and classic score, all the players can do is swipe their thumb to make units attack.


Last on the list, sadly, this game stands for everything that an RPG shouldn’t be. The graphics are dull, the bugs make it nearly unplayable at times, and some of the dialogue hasn’t even been translated. Probably what makes this game the worst is that it is the re-make of a 1992 game that was a success on its own, and it’s still the better choice.

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