Expected PS5 Games That Sony Has Still not Announced

The video game players are eagerly waiting for the launch of the PS5 gaming console. Sony has announced several games, but there are some games for which fans expect, even though the company has not confirmed their launch.

Sources :- PS5 Games That Sony Has Still not Announced

The fans are excited about both the launch of the next-generation gaming console of Sony PS5 and the games to be made available to play on it. The fans are anticipating, and it also seems that the company may launch the next generation PS5 gaming console before the year-end. With this, the online game players can expect many more details about anticipated games to arrive at PS5 in the coming few months. Meanwhile, the company has announced several games for its next-generation gaming consoles. However, the company has not confirmed some games, but the online game players are hopeful that the company may announce such games.

The reveal event of next-generation gaming console PS5 took place on June 11. However, the reveal event took place after getting delayed for one week but provided exciting details about every aspect of the new gaming console. It revealed the storage of the system, its look, price, audio it will support, and much more. Also, the fans got information about the games to have arrived at PS5, such as GTA 5, Spider-Man Miles Morales of Marvel, etc. However, many fans are disappointed the company did not announce many games they were hoping to have on PS5. But, Sony is going to hold many reveal events during the summer. It can be expected that the company may announce some more games.

Games Expected to Arrive at PS5 Eventually

Sony has provided the release date for some of the games while some are still getting a finishing touch. However, some games on which the developing team of Sony is still working on Grand Theft Auto 6. According to some rumors, the story of the game may revolve around South America and Vice city, but the developer Rockstar has not yet confirmed this rumor. The game developed has only assured that the ported version of the game will arrive at PS5 by the year 2021. Similar speculations are going on regarding Red Dead Redemption 2. It has been rumored that either the 2010 sequel of the game or 2018 sequel may arrive on PS5. However, many indications say that the rumors may appear true, but there is still a mystery.

 The Last of Us 2 had been made available on the two different gaming consoles. So, it is much clear whether the game will appear on PS5 or not. Also, there is no confirmation about the arrival of Naughty Dog on the PS5 gaming console. There are also possibilities regarding the  Uncharted 5 to be arrived on the next generation gaming console however not confirmed yet. But, it seems that the arrival of Mortal Kombat 12 on PS5 is guaranteed if we consider the huge success of the online game. Although Cyberpunk 2077 is all set to be released on the consoles of the last generation yet, the developer CD Projekt Red has refrained from commenting when it will make the game available on the PS5 gaming console. However, they have said that they are excited and interested in making the game available on the next-generation consoles.

According to some reports of CCN, the fans can expect the availability of the game New Crash Bandicoot on PS5 gaming console. However, the game was not a topic of discussion at the reveal event of Sony. There are also many speculations regarding the franchise The Call of Duty. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone has said that they are going to release the game on PS5, but the developer Activision has not announced anything regarding its release. Moreover,  there are talks inside the industry that COD could be published on the new gaming console with a new game set revolving around the Vietnam era or cold war. But, the release date of the game is yet not confirmed. Besides, the release trailer of The Elder Scrolls 6 developed by Bethesda Game Studio was revealed in the year 2018, but since then, no comment has been regarding its release on the Xbox Series X or PS5.

Meanwhile, the CEO of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, has said that they are willing to include triple-A games in the next generation gaming console that can demonstrate the horsepower of the gaming console completely. In an interview given to BBC, CEO Jim Ryan said that even the smaller games are innovating with their gaming features. So the company is thinking of giving them the opportunity on PS5. He said the company is working on several games that are in the developing phase. The fans can expect to access the games soon in the upcoming time.

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