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How to Launch ARF Files with 4 Best Software

ARF files are those files that have recordings specially made for conferences, recording lectures, and addresses. These files store various formats such as video, audio, and Q/A results, File Transfer, annotations, pools, etc.

Technology is booming day by day, and thus, we have several web-supported applications that provide video or web conferencing features from a long distance. In this series, we have brought some of the interesting tips on ARF files. Generally, ARF files are used to record online sessions downloaded from WebEx, and it uses network-based recording features that are called “NBR.” Such files can be exported into the built-in media players of Windows and can be converted to any format.

Sources :- Launch ARF Files with 4 Best Software

In case you are facing trouble while launching the file of ARF, then you are in the right spot, and you will get all the available assistance in this regard throughout the article.

  1. Using Aiseesoft’s Screen Recorder ARF Player

Sometimes, users required to edit the contents of ARF files with the help of Adobe premiere for launching the ARD files on various devices such as handheld gadgets.

Screen Recorder is one of the most popular tool for launching ARF files. The tool assists the user in taking the screen to record ARF files to MP4 directly for running recording based on WebEx networking.

Now, you should follow these guidelines to know the interesting features of this tool and how to use it:

  • First and foremost, install the ARF player on your device, and the whole process is straightforward for beginners too.
  • After that, choose the option “Screen Recorder” from the list, and this helps you to enter Record audio and video screen.
  • Now, choose the recording segment and select either of the two available options:
    • Customized Recording
    • Full Screen
  • This action will help you to take the WebEx network meeting.
  • Once you have adjusted the recording options, switch on the device audio and microphone audio option for saving the web-based conferencing audio.
  • Next, you have to record WebEx meetings into MP4 format.
  • Using HD Video Converter Factory pro

This tool helps you to convert your WebEx meeting recordings from ARF format to any of your wished format that you want to play on any of the available platforms such as Android or iOS. You can convert to MP4, MP3, AVI, or any of the available formats.

One of the best choices to convert your recording to your desired format is “HD Video Converter Factory pro.” It’s one of the best ARF file converters that offer provides three hundred plus format to convert. You may choose any of the available formats.

The features of “HD Video Converter Factory Pro” include these mentioned points:

  • It helps the consumers to convert their files swiftly, having a high compressions ratio. This task helps them to reduce the video size with retaining then original quality.
  • It’s one of the best options available there in the market or web for the conversion of ARF files with ease.
  • The tool gives the user the facility of dynamic visual experience in a very compatible and safe manner.
  • You can install numerous videos from multiple websites through this tool.
  • HD Video Converter helps you to trim your video in a very efficient manner and can add multiple subtitles and effects as per your choice.
  • Using WebEx Player

WebEx Player is one of the most suggested tools for playing ARF files, and for editing, sharing, and viewing various WebEx recordings, this tool is widely appreciated. To perform these actions on your device, you have to install the software:

These are the spectacular features of WebEx Player that attracts the attention of the users:

  • This tool enables users to view a particular recording without any effort.
  • WebEx recordings can also be watched through the WebEx mail link.
  • One can share and edit the videos of WebEx recordings and can post the link for other persons to watch.
  • In case you wish to edit the recording, then you need to install the file and then transform it into WMV format and then edit it as per your requirements. The process of recording editing is very easy and applied to any device.
  • You will be provided two different options for recording: ARF or WRF, and you can select the appropriate option for your WebEx Player recording or recording editor.
  • Using File Viewer Plus

This tool assists and helps the users to launch ARF files and also to convert it into their desired format. It can open more than 300 file formats with ease. If you wish to convert your ARF files to Flash files and Windows Media, then you can do so through this free tool ARF Player. ARF files are the WebEx sessions that can be easily recordable.

The prominent features of File Viewer Plus are mentioned below, and one should know the spec and qualities of this tool.

  • This tool supports the users to edit, share, save, and convert various files on Windows.
  • “File Viewer Plus” supports more than 300 formats, and all these can be easily transformed into any format by using this tool.
  • Apart from saving and editing an image or a particular document, users can play a variety of multimedia formats on their devices.
  • Users are allowed to watch various contents of their converted or launched files, and it can be converted completely without much effort.

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