How to Add Date & Time Stamps on Photos on iPhone

Sometimes we see our old photos and want to know exactly when these photos were taken. In rare cases, we may also want to see the time and date of the picture to reminisce our memories. As Apple does not offer any tool to add a date or time stamps on photos, you can useContinue reading “How to Add Date & Time Stamps on Photos on iPhone”

How to Fix Mac Stuck on ‘’Setting up Your Mac’’?

Mac users come across ‘Setting up your Mac’ message in the middle of the software update. If you also encounter this same message, don’t panic. Just do a restart your Mac device. Whenever your Mac system takes a lot of time for updating, then immediately, you should go for simple system check. Also, reset ‘SystemContinue reading “How to Fix Mac Stuck on ‘’Setting up Your Mac’’?”

How to Fix Mac Bluetooth Not Working?

You might have noticed that the Bluetooth related problem does not occur normally. But whenever it happens, you need to avail hefty measures in order to solve the issue. Fortunately, the Bluetooth problem can be solved easily. Go through this blog to know the same. Method 1: Resetting the SMC if Bluetooth not present FollowContinue reading “How to Fix Mac Bluetooth Not Working?”

New zero-day Android exploit targets Pixel

Google’s Project Zero team is warning Pixel, Pixel 2, Galaxy S9, Huawei P20, and millions of other Android phone users that a new zero-day vulnerability could let a hacker take full control of your phone. And what’s worse, there is evidence that it is being actively exploited in the wild. As first spotted by ArsContinue reading “New zero-day Android exploit targets Pixel”

The premier entry-level Apple device

The premier entry-level Apple device When I first saw the new 7th-generation iPad, I wondered why Apple even bothered to release an updated model this year. Sure, the 10.2-inch display reveals a slight boost in size over last year’s 9.7-inch iPad, and the latest model finally has a Smart Connector, but for all that, thisContinue reading “The premier entry-level Apple device”

How to Fix Printer Requires Your Attention Error

Many printer users are reporting an error ‘printer requires your attention’ when they try to print any documents on their Windows PC. This is a very common issue that occurs mainly because of configuration issues. Want to fix this issue on your Windows computer? Follow the instructions mentioned in this article. Here’s How to FixContinue reading “How to Fix Printer Requires Your Attention Error”

7 Most Useful Smart Luggage Trackers in 2019

Carrying the luggage around, while traveling, is not easy. You have to take care of it ideally and make sure that you don’t misplace it. Still, sometimes we get stuck in a situation where we can’t find our luggage or have to wait for a while during checking. Luggage trackers are the best solution, inContinue reading “7 Most Useful Smart Luggage Trackers in 2019”

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