How to Fix Modern Warfare Freezing Issue on PC?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most iconic shooter video games. It offers you to play in Special Ops and multiplayer modes and you can explore different levels. But while playing the game, it might freeze.  If you are facing such issues on your PC, then read on and apply the solutions mentioned below.

Sources :- Fix Modern Warfare Freezing Issue on PC

Check the System Requirements

You should follow these steps provided below:

  1. Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously to launch the Run section.
  2. Then input ‘dxdiag’ in it and select the OK button.
  3. You should check the details about the memory, processor and OS.
  4. Thereafter, choose the tab of Display to check the specs of the video card.
  5. Choose the tab of Sound to check the specs of the sound card.
  6. Now, select the Exit button.

Shut Background Apps

You should follow these steps provided below:

  1. Go to the taskbar and right-click on it.
  2. Click on the Task Manager.
  3. Then select the app you would like to shut and right-click on it and choose the ‘End task’ option.

Scan and Fix Game Files

You should pursue these steps provided below:

  1. Launch the application and select the ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ option on the left panel.
  2. Thereafter, select the Options button and choose the ‘Scan and Repair’ option.
  3. Now, click on the ‘Begin Scan’ option.

Modify In-Game Graphics Settings

You should follow these steps provided below:

  1. Click on ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ and select the Options button.
  2. Then choose the tab of Graphics and select the Display Mode option.
  3. Pick the Full-screen option.
  4. Later, turn off the ‘Sync Every Frame (V-Sync)’ option.
  5. Move down to the tab of ‘Details & Textures’ and set the settings.
  6. Now, choose the Apply Settings option.

Turn off In-Game Overlay on GeForce Experience

You should pursue these steps provided below:

  1. Launch the GeForce Experience.
  2. After that, select the icon of a gear icon at the top right side of the screen.
  3. Now, tap the toggle of ‘In-game overlay’ to turn it off.

Install Modern Warfare Again

You should pursue these steps provided below:

  1. Launch the Battle net app and select the ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ option.
  2. Then click on the Options and click on the Uninstall Game button.
  3. Now, download the latest ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ version then install the game.

Hopefully, by following the solutions mentioned above, you will be able to fix the Modern Warfare freezing issue.

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Pokemon Go: All Major Counters of Mega Blastoise

Mega Raids are finally available in Pokemon Go throughout the world. Currently, with the help of Special Research and Mega Raids, trainers can earn Mega Energy. The bosses in Mega Raid battles are Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard, and Mega Venusaur. All these three Pokemon belong to the starter category of the “Kanto” region. Mega Raid battles are slightly different from normal Raid battles. In Mega Raid battles, trainers have to battle against Mega Evolved Pokemon that offers rewards like Mega Energy.

Sources :- Pokemon Go: All Major Counters of Mega Blastoise

However, winning the Mega Raid battles is not as easy as regular Raid battles. Trainers have to make a strong team with friends to defeat the Mega Pokemon. If trainers win the raid quickly, they can win a high number of Mega Energy. A thing to remember is that not every Pokemon evolves in Mega form.

The entire three starters Pokemon in Mega Raid are quite powerful, and they all belong to different types. However, Blastoise is a Water-type Pokemon, and it is the toughest Pokemon for many trainers. To defeat the Mega Blastoise, you have to prepare with some strong trainers for Raid battle and choose those Pokemon, which are strong against Mega Blastoise. The best option to defeat the Mega Blastoise is to use the Grass and Electric-type Pokemon. So here is the list of Pokemon that you can use in the Mega Blastoise Raid battle.

Best Mega Blastoise Counters

  • Shadow Raikou – ThunderShock/Wild Charge
  • Shadow Zapdos – ThunderShock/Thunderbolt
  • Shadow Magnezone – Spark/Wild Charge
  • Zekrom – Charge Beam/Wild Charge
  • Mega (or Shadow) Venusaur – Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant
  • Shadow Mewtwo – Psycho Cut/Thunderbolt
  • Tangrowth – Vine Whip/Power Whip

All these above mentioned Pokemon are very strong against Mega Blastoise, and also popular among trainers. Most of the trainers have registered Zaptos, Raikou, and Mewtwo. If any trainers don’t have the above mentioned Pokemon, they simply have to use their most powerful Electric and Grass-type Pokemon and prepare for battle.

After successfully defeating the Mega Blastoise, trainers will get Mega Energy of Blastoise to help this Pokemon turn in Mega form. Remember that Blastoise’s Mega Energy can be only used on Blastoise; it can’t be used on any other Pokemon. On the first attempt, trainers have to use 200 Mega Energy, but it will drop down to only 50 Mega Energy after that.


The Mega Evolution theme will completely live in September. Niantic might reveal several new species of Pokemon along with some Mega forms of existing Pokemon. However, things will get clear when Niantic launches new content in September.

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Pokemon Go: September Research Breakthrough Confirmed

September is coming closer day by day, and Pokemon Go has confirmed a fresh Research Breakthrough. In August month, several powerful Pokemon are appearing in Raid battles and Research Tasks. In the August month, players can catch a specific type of Pokemon that appears a lot of time in Raid battles. That specific Pokemon is Alolan “Raichu.” This Pokemon is an Electric/Psychic-type Pokemon that will be available in September Research Breakthrough.

Sources :- Pokemon Go: September Research Breakthrough Confirmed

Currently, Alolan Raichu is not available in Research Breakthrough, but from 1st September, it will be available. Alolan Raichu is a rare Pokemon that usually doesn’t appear anywhere. With the Research Breakthrough, trainers can register Alolan Raichu in their Pokedex. The ability of electric and psychic makes Raichu a special kind of Pokemon. Raichu is an excellent option if you are looking to win a raid battle. For a long time, trainers are waiting for this Pokemon to arrive, and now in September, they will have the opportunity to get it quickly.

Alolan Raichu is weak against Ghost, Dark, Bug, and Ground-type moves. However, if you are fighting against Steel, Flying, Psychic, or Fighting-type, you can choose Alolan Raichu. You can win some great battles with Raichu, but you have to know its moves and potential. If you are using Raichu in battle, make sure you use strong moves against your opponent.

  • Raichu’s Fast Moves – Spark, Thunder Shock, Volt Switch
  • Raichu’s Charge Moves – Thunder Punch, Wild Charge, Psychic, Grass Knot.

If you use Volt Switch and Wild Charge together, you can have the best result for using Raichu. The psychic charge move takes time to charge, but it is also a decisive move. While the Alolan Raichu is more powerful than normal Raichu.

In the August Research Breakthrough, Scraggy is appearing. Scraggy is a great Pokemon but trainers have mixed feelings about this Pokemon. Some players prefer to get the Pokemon by hunting down rather than getting in the Research Encounters.

Now trainers are waiting for September to arrive because next month is going to introduce a new Mega Evolution theme and new Pokemon for Raid battles. Right now, Heatrun is appearing in the 5-star raid battle. This legendary Pokemon is unique because of its Fire/Steel-type nature. Trainers are busy to catch this beast, but September will bring more legendary Pokemon.


Niantic keeps the trainers updated by proving news in the game, and they also keep the trainers updated through social media. The main reason behind the popularity of Pokemon Go is that service and the gameplay. It works on AR, and that’s what makes it better than other games.

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Top Home Security Systems That You Should Have At Your Home

Home security has become a growing concern now more than ever, and people are getting serious about it. A lot of new products have come into the market that adheres to this need for security. Here is a list of equipment that you can consider if you are worried about the security of your house and need to do something about it.

Sources :- Home Security Systems


It is an American home security company that produces vase-shaped stations with integrated sirens which detect the movements in your house. It can also detect if there is a fire or flood. The installation is quick and easy. It offers 24/7 monitoring. The company is only growing with every passing year and producing newly advanced products with higher sensors that can provide a better security system at your house.

Ring Alarm 5 piece kit (2nd generation)

The bonus point of Ring Alarm is that it is affordable and it provides security for your entire home. It is a perfect package that guards access to your home and it comes with the benefit of manual installation at home without any help from a professional.  More sensors can be added to detect movements around the house through doors and windows.


Vivint gives you the option of customising the settings according to your needs. It offers home automation technology including thermostats, CO detectors and smart door locks.

Nest Secure

Nest Secure can sense the movement of people from a distance of 10 feet away. It comes with advanced settings. The extra layer of security comes as an additional feature which needs to be installed. The system responds to Google Nest Alarms and connects with the police if it senses a threat to security.

Adobe Iota

This security system includes a built-in HD camera with monitor sensor, 93 dB siren. The monitoring plans offer great flexibility so the customers can customise the settings that best suit them.

The products mentioned above can be a good option for the security of your house and you can always rely on them for satisfaction. A lot of times, there is a constant worry about the security of the house when it is vacant. A good house security device will guard your house while keeping you updated on everything that has been happening there even when you are physically not present.

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How to Buy a Digital Photo Frame: The Four Key Things to Look For

A digital photo frame is a picture frame that displays digital photos and in some cases, videos as well. It displays with the help of a computer. It has USB ports, memory card slots, and also Wi-Fi connection. A tablet can also play the same role as that of a digital photo frame, but the quality possessed by a digital frame is much better as compared to a tablet. It is because a digital photo frame is designed especially for photographs as compared to a tablet that is designed for several other functions.

Sources :- Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame comes in several different sizes, and some of them include in-built speakers for playing the videos that have sound. Some of the digital photo frames also have a feature of supporting various photo-sharing apps. It allows you to access Email for sharing digital photos and other applications with the help of Wi-Fi. A digital photo frame comes with a great battery backup depending upon the selected variant.

Here we will discuss the four key points for buying a digital photo frame whether it is for you or someone else as a gift.

Set your budget

The first step for buying anything is to establish a budget that will not only help you in saving your time to search for the best in your range but also help you in shortlisting a few best models within the desired budget range. It is not necessary to spend more on the best quality because sometimes you can get the best variant which can be equally good as the expensive one. So before going to purchase any digital photo frame, you must consider your budget and set a specific budget range to be more specific about your product.

Think about where you will place it

Since the entire photo frames are not made the same, before selecting the best frame, it is the most important thing to consider where you will place it and what would be the best place for it. Some digital photo frames feature a power cable from coming out from their stand, and it does not allow you to make it stand with the help of a wall.

It would be best if you also look for the best design and finish of a digital photo frame before buying it. You can choose the exterior of a photo frame that matches the paint and color of your room’s wall. It would help if you also look for the shape of a digital photo frame, whether it is a rectangle-shaped or square-shaped depending upon your preference.

Consider the screen

The most important thing while looking for a digital photo frame is its screen. It is most important to consider the screen of a digital photo frame that will display the photos. Screen size can vary from an 8-inch panel to a 13-inch panel. Smaller frames will require a small area and thus offer you a sharper image as compared to the larger frames.

The brightness of the screen should also be considered before buying a digital photo frame. If you want to place your digital photo frame in a dark room, then you may go for a less brightening screen, but if you are going to put it in a room with more lights, then it is advised to buy a digital photo frame with high brightness.

How do you want to load your photos?

A digital photo frame comes with a lot of options to store photos in it. From memory cards to cloud storage, a digital photo frame possesses all types of storage depending upon the selected variant.

A few digital photo frames come with memory card slots to play the photos and store them in it with the help of a memory card inserted directly from a camera. Also, a few digital photo frames come with USB ports that allow you to store your snaps in a pen-drive and plug that directly in one of the slots of a digital photo frame to display the digital photos.

Some of the digital photo frames allow you to store and play the slideshows of your digital images from the cloud storage. It also allows you to access various applications and Email apps to share and save photos. These digital photo frames possess in-built Wi-Fi to access Email and other online applications.

We have discussed some essential key things to remember before buying a digital photo frame. You should consider all the points to get the latest and the best digital photo frame according to your budget and preference.

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Complete list of Xbox Free Gold Games for September 2020

The launching day of next-gen “Xbox Series X” is coming closer, but right now, “Xbox Live Gold” games for September are the priority for Gold members. Since 2013, the members of Xbox Live Gold are frequently getting free games every month. The Gold section games are randomly selected, so it’s hard to guess which game will get released. Players usually get those games in Gold that deserve to be in the spotlight. The Gold games for August month are MX Unleashed, Portal Knights, Override: Mech City Brawl, and Red Faction 2.

Sources :- Xbox Free Gold Games

Now September is coming closer, and there are plenty of cool games that should be in the Gold games list. Xbox never reveals the information on Gold games before launching, so it’s hard to predict the exact list of games. However, some games would perfectly fit into the Gold games list for September.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Indeed, EA’s Battlefront reboot never had the best launch because of some issues, but Star Wars Battlefront 2 came up with some great changes. Unlike Battlefront reboot, the Battlefront 2 is an iconic single-player game that features some amazing characters of Star Wars. “Electronic Arts” always focuses on the multiplayer experience. After releasing several balancing changes and free content updates, the multiplayer experience is still worth playing. Players can also experience the taste of space battles in Battlefront 2. So yes, Star Wars deserves to be in the Gold games list of September.

Risk of Rain 2

After releasing the update 1.0 officially, the Risk of Rain 2 was removed from early access and available as a full game. The iconic 3D rogue-like genre game allows the players to explore various alien planets to acquire unlimited power. In the beginning, the difficulty of the game is low, but as the players move to higher levels, they begin to face tough challenges. The first character of the game is “Commando,” and players have to begin their journey with it. As the player completes challenges, they can unlock more characters. There are a total of 9 characters available in the game. Every character has some unique abilities and traits. It’s a completely addictive game for the fans of rogue-like games that also provide cool achievement rewards. Players can play it as solo or with friends as well.

Alan Wake (Xbox 360)

The Gold games should add the Alan Wake in September. The game was launched a decade ago, but it’s still worth playing. It’s a psychological thriller game where players play as an author. He and his wife go for a vacation, and mysteriously his wife disappears. As the story moves, an event that Alan is supposed to write begins to happen with him, without knowing the facts that he was writing that story. It’s a great horror game that provides an experience like they are watching a movie or TV show.

Tony Hawk’s Underground

For the fans of arcade skateboard games, Tony Hawk’s Underground is a perfect game to enjoy. Tony Hawk’s Underground allows players to experience 90s classic skate culture. Players begin the journey as an amateur skater who has big dreams. There are several stages and challenges available in the game. Players have to finish every stage and challenges around the world to become a pro skater. The gameplay experience, along with campaign mode, is completely amazing. Players, who have played the Pro Skater, will love Tony Hawk’s Underground as well. In the game, players can customize the character and skateboard. Tony Hawk’s Underground truly deserves to be in the Gold games list of September.


Every month, Xbox releases some interesting free games for Gold members. Players who have Gold subscription, they can play every Gold game. However, Xbox has not announced their September Gold games list, so players have to wait until the official reveal.

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Civilization 6: New Features and August Update Release Date Confirmed

At the end of June, “Firaxis Games” launched a new free update for Civilization 6. The new update brought some new changes, Religious Beliefs, features, Red Death Season 2, and a few more exciting things. Now in August, some further details have been revealed. The developers are set to release another free update in Civilization 6. The officials have announced the features in the new patch and the release date of the update. The latest update of Civilization 6 went live on Thursday 6th August 2020, but the new features will be available on 27th August 2020.

Civilization 6 is a well-known strategy-based game, and they will add two new features in the game. The first feature from the update will offer the players to choose a “Natural Wonders.” It will show its appearance in the game like players are creating it. However, players won’t be able to choose the location for Wonders to appear. The Wonders will appear in their preferred location. However, the game should allow the players to encounter more often their favorite Natural Wonders and avoid any of them if they don’t like it.

Another feature from the new update is the latest mode. The new mode will be available for every Civilization 6 player. The name of the new mode of the game will be “Tech and Civic Shuffle Mode.” In the new mode, the position Tech and Civics will get randomized, and they all will remain hidden until players discover requirements. Every participant in the multiplayer match will get the same randomized Tech and Civic trees to keep the figures in balance.

The following new update is not just focusing on new features, but it is also working on some new changes. From the beginning of Civilization 6, several massive changes have been made to keep the game frequently interesting. These following changes are also focusing on “Civilization 6’s Gathering Storm” expansion. In the expansion, the fire inside the forest and jungle will not stop. It indicates that fire is still in there to burn out the entire forest and jungle.

According to the information, it’s been revealed that the new update will improve the effects provided by “Government Plaza.” Well, it’s a great thing for players because they will get plenty of fresh things in the game. The following fresh content will also bring new challenges for every player. However, Firaxis Games has not provided any depth details of changes they are going to make in the game, so fans have to wait until the new update comes live.


Firaxis Games is ready to bring interesting modes and new features. Civilization 6 is already a popular game among those players who prefer to spend time on strategy games. The developers and publishers are doing their best to improve the popularity of the game. However, the new update will help the game to get more players around the world. Civilization 6 is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Linux.

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Avatar: Was Aang Right in Giving up His Ascetic Lifestyle?

Aang went through a lot of things before he was able to realize his destiny. But much before he was able to achieve his fate at the Spirit Bridge, he used to be an ordinary young monk living a life devoted to asceticism in an Air Temple. With time he slowly abandoned the ascetic lifestyle and married Katara and even had three children with her.  But was it the right thing to do? Should Aang have abandoned his monkhood to marry or have a family?

Sources :- Ascetic Lifestyle

It was devastating for Aang to come to terms with the fact that all of the Airbenders and Nomads were gone after he came out of his century-long freeze. All that was left of the great culture and tradition that he grew up in was, he himself. Now he was in a dilemma as he had to make a choice, a choice either to preserve his great culture and tradition or follow his Avatar duties. Since the Monks and Air Nuns were not supposed to have a family as they lived an ascetic life, he was on a spot.

Aang was just twelve years old when he fell in love with Katara even though he knew that he was going against the culture and traditions of monasticism. But that can be overlooked because at that time he had no Nomads to show him the right way. But Aang had to later face ramifications for his love for Katara as he tried to unlock his seven chakras. When he was at the verge of unlocking the seven chakras, he came to the realization that if he goes ahead and unlocks it, he will have to deliberately abandon his feelings for Katara. Aang faced a very tough choice and chose his love over unlocking the seven chakras.

It will be tough to imagine how Aang’s contemporaries who had opted for a life of asceticism at the Air Temple would have thought about his fighting and his love for Katara. But given the situation, it would have been unjust of them if they failed to recognize the importance of his actions and to ignore what was at stake when he fought would have been utterly unjust. There is nothing wrong in choosing a life of pacifism or to struggle to find enlightenment but when the fate of the whole world is at risk, one needs to toughen up and make choices that otherwise would have seemed impossible to imagine. Sometimes destiny takes such harsh turns that all past convictions are challenged and a hard decision is to be taken. Therefore, Aang was not wrong in deciding to learn the four elements, and taking on Fire Lord Ozai. He did all of this for the greater good while at the same time he remained a pacifist as well by not taking Ozai’s life after defeating him, which many believed to be unavoidable.

As far as his marriage to Katara is concerned, that too turned out to be the right thing to do in the long run. They had three children – Kya, Bumi and Tenzin who were raised in the cultures and traditions of both of their nations. In fact, Tenzin had lived a lifestyle of Air Nomad culture which helped Aang revive and preserve his own traditions which stood at the verge of extinction. While Bumi was a non-bender but his siblings Kya and Tenzin were Waterbender and Airbender respectively, which meant that Avatar was not the Last Airbender after all.

But when he was the only Airbender he was free to decide the fate of the Air Nomad tradition as he wished. His choices turned out to be right as his son the Airbender Tenzin went on to have four children of his own whom he raised well in the culture of Air Nomads. After the harmonic convergence, the traditions of Air Nomads was reborn and followed the footsteps of Aang, who had modernized the traditions and culture. Soon the new Airbender arose as well, making way for the long-term preservation of the culture that Aang valued and loved so much.

 While Aang did successfully preserve the traditions and culture he valued to a certain degree but because of his more modern outlook, some parts of the original heritage were forgotten over time. But this is a cost every society pays when it evolves into something new as it leaves behind some of its past elements to embrace something better. There can be a difference of opinion over the fact that the changes were good or not but there is no doubt that change is necessary as stagnation is the mother of corruption. 

So, Aang’s choice to give up a pacifist ascetic lifestyle stands to be justified as he had a greater purpose to fulfil. If he hadn’t done so it would have been suicidal for the world, since Ozil would have wreaked havoc unchallenged. Moreover, if he hadn’t married Katara and had children with her, he would have brought the extinction of his own culture and also his love for Katara would have remained unfulfilled. It is only because of him that Air Nomad culture was preserved and flourished once again. There is certainly no doubt that his choices did to a certain degree led to the loss of some parts of his heritage as well, but in the long run, he stands vindicated for his decisions.

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The Poster of Tenet Recreates Nolan’s Promise of Time Running Out

Christoper Nolan’s new film Tenet is all set to come out in theatres. The production has released several posters of the movie, and each of them is promising a tremendous action-oriented film, which is about to hit the big screen. Nolan is known for his brilliant work and his fanbase impatiently waiting for this movie too. If you love Nolan’s films, and films like Inception is your favorite genre, then Tenet is the movie for you. In this article we will talk about the new posters, what are they promising, and when are we going to watch the film in theatres?

Sources :- Tenet Recreates Nolan’s

Tenet is the upcoming Christopher Nolan’s movie, which is a spy film. The writing, direction, and production are all handled by Christopher Nolan. However, the movie is co-produced between the United States and the United Kingdom. The film has faced many problems, but the coronavirus is the biggest of them. Tenet was supposed to be released in July 2020, but due to the pandemic, the release date was postponed so many times. And now, the release date is rescheduled on 26th August 2020 in the United Kingdom and on 3rd September 2020 in the United States. The movie is shot in different countries, including India, Norway, Denmark, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, and Estonia, on 70mm and IMAX.

Recently, Nolan released some new posters of the film Tenet, those images showcasing the different characters and the sheer scale of the thriller involved in the upcoming movie. The poster features different characters, including the protagonist John David Washington, and other cast members Elizabeth Debicki and Robert Pattinson. The title of the film Tenet is in a reverse form. It shows a palindromic sequence. The posters and the trailer focus on the same theme in several scenes and images. The reverse of the plane crash and the reverse car chase in the trailer clearly explain that, as well as the characters of Pattinson and Washington scaling the side of a building.

The posters are also like trailers, indicating the reverse and inversion plot. The poster features a slanted title, and the titles are tilted at an angle. The tilted title re-enacts the “inversion” effect that is the plot of the film.

“Time is running out” is the tagline of the film poster. Although the tagline indeed explains the current situation. The release date of the movie is coming closer to its theatrical release in the U.S. Warner Bros. is the producing partner of the film, and with each poster, they are putting a new perspective of the film.

In the first poster of the film, the protagonist of the movie, John David Washington, is on one side of the bulletproof glass. Robert Pattinson is on the other side of it; they both are observing the bullet hole between them. But there is something different about the image; the poster is at an angle. The whole picture is angled, which approaches the previous Tenet U.S. poster. The shot of the poster is from the film but at a slight right angle.

Do mysterious helmets, guns, and angles give a possibility that the film is in a Dutch angle? Probably not, because the footage of the trailers is narrow and straight. It must be something to do with the plot of Tenet, and the story is yet unknown to us.

There is great anticipation about the movie as the plot is yet a secret. Tenet is the movie which surrounds a group of agents and set within the world of international espionage. The central character, played by John Washington and his team try to protect the planet and prevent a World War III- level event. So maybe to do this, they will try to manipulate the time by inversion method, which is not time travel. Warner Bros. unveiled twelve new posters, and all of them has the tagline “Time runs out.”

Christopher Nolan’s obsession with time always serves something interesting to the audiences. Nolan conceived the idea of time manipulation over twenty years, and he has been working on the script for six to seven years. There are 250 people in the shooting of the film. The shoot began in May 2019. The production was compromised due to the temporary closure of the road.

Interestingly, Nolan did not use any green screen for the shoot. Hence all scenes and locations are real and authentic. Instead of using miniature and VFX for a plane crash, the director used real plane Boeing 747 to shoot the sequence. The whole marketing fee by Warner Bros. for the movie was between $200,000 and $400,000. The film’s inverted logo, “TENƎꓕ”  is fascinating. The total budget of the movie was $200-225 million, and it has been said that it is the most expensive Nolan project.

The movie, though, is promising some breathtaking action sequences that, too, without a green screen is more exciting. Christopher Nolan has proven himself as one of the most creative and inventive blockbuster directors in the industry with his brilliant previous projects. But this time, he has something even more significant than previous movies. All the posters that are so far released bring the spotlight on the intensity of the movie’s content, and, indeed, fans could not be any more excited. Fans are so eager to watch Tenet in the United Kingdom that the sales of the ticket are already picking up. However, it is still a question of how producers will manage to release the movie in this time of the pandemic, where in the UK, the active cases are continually growing. Fans are very excited about the entertainment and are showing some real interest, but COVID-19 is the severe obstacle in the way. But sooner or later fans will watch the film, Tenet, for sure.

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Things You Need To Know About The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

The horror genre is always exciting to explore. Some directors succeed to impress their audience, while others could not. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is one of the excellent movies that collected much appreciation. In this article, we will talk about the film and a few more exciting things you need to know. So let’s start.

Sources :- Autopsy Of Jane Doe

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a supernatural horror movie. Andre Ovredal directed it. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and released on 21st December 2016. It collected $6 million at the box office. Andre Ovredal brilliantly executed the whole movie on the screen. The film was based on the autopsy of an unidentified woman and then how things turned supernaturally.

The movie started with father-son characters named Tommy and Austin, respectively. They were coroners in a small town. Tommy explained to his son that coroners used to tie bells to the bodies to ensure that the bodies are dead. Then the sheriff arrived with the mysterious body of Jane Doe and told them that he needed to know the cause of her death. Austin postponed the date with his girlfriend Emma to help his father. While performing the autopsy of the dead body, they both got confused because there was no other external sign of trauma. They only found that her ankle and wrist had been shattered. The body’s tongue had been cut out, one of the molar teeth was missing, her lungs were blackened as she had suffered from third-degree burns, and her internal organs had many cuts. They also found a paralyzing agent named Jimsonweed in her stomach. The condition of the body suggested that the death had just occurred while the eyes of the corpse indicated that she died several days ago. The radio station changed mysteriously to the song “Open Up Your Heart (And Let the Sunshine In)”. Austin saw people walking in the hallway, and they also found their cat, Stanley wounded.

Later in the movie, they found the missing tooth in her stomach wrapped in a cloth. The cloth had letters, Roman numbers, and odd diagrams. A similar kind of sign was also found inside her skin. They soon release something is not right, and also noticed that the other corpses in the morgue had gone missing. They tried to get out of it, but the elevator did not work, and they got stuck inside the building. They went back to the autopsy room to find out the truth of the corpse, but something or other kept distracting them. Confident that the corpse of Jane Doe’s had been preventing the coroners from finding out the truth behind her death.

The writing and direction are fantastic. The story binds the audiences throughout the whole movie. The film got 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 103 reviews, which gives it an average rating of 7.02/10. However, the movie has many other exciting facts other than the content itself.

Real Person Played the Corpse

Generally, in the other movies, the director uses fake bodies and prosthetics for the scenes. But in The Autopsy Of Jane Doe’s director shot the whole film with an actress Olwen Kelly to make the body look real. Kelly was suitable for the role because of her applied knowledge of yoga. Using yoga, she was able to control her movements and breathing.

It was Director’s First Non-English Film

Andre Ovredal is a Norweigian director.  Before the film, he had only made films in foreign languages. He is also famous for directing commercials. Ovredal is a commendable director, and he did a fantastic job as a first timer in Hollywood. The film The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is considered as one of the best movies in the horror genre.

Team Worked With Real Coroners

The actors who played the characters of coroners in the movie had to spend a lot of time with professional coroners. Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox were two dedicated actors. They prepared themselves for the role by actually observing real coroners, including their views towards life and things they talk about. Such experiences made them for the roles and helped them to know the characters better.

The Film Was Shot In A Chronological Order

The shooting process does not follow the exact order of the script. The different scenes are shot in different periods during production time. They are then patched up together in editing according to the chronological order. But filming of The Autopsy Of Jane Doe has done sequence wise to maintain the continuity. The team has spent plenty of time and effort at the autopsy table, and shooting them in another way would have messed everything up.

Stephen King Was Impressed

Stephen King, the King of Horror, appreciated the theme and movie as a whole. And when Stephen praises a movie, then there is no doubt that the film is terrific. King tweeted that The Autopsy Of Jane Dane was an unbelievable visceral horror. Ovredal was pleased by King’s appreciation, he said, he had grown up reading the books of Kings. He also said that he admires his brilliant imagination and his taste in the horror genre.

The Release

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe initially released on streaming platforms to the public via Video-On-Demand. The film was later released theatrically. By that time, most of the audiences had already watched the movie online, which indeed decreased the viewers in the theatre. Despite that, the film managed to earn an astonishing $6 million.

Martin Sheen Was In The Cast

Martin Sheen’s TV and film credits are numerous. The actor has a fantastic CV, and as a result, he is quite in high demand for various roles. Originally Sheen was cast for the role Tommy in the film, who was one of the coroners. But he tied up with a tight schedule, and he could not be the part of the film. However, the role was then given to equally talented Brian Cox.

The Film Appeared on Black List

Blast List is a list that is prepared at the end of the year to list down the most liked contents that were thought to be not good enough to be produced. The list has been published by a former executive of Universal Pictures, Franklin Leonard, since 2005. The list is prepared with Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment. The films that were featured in the Black List screenplays are Dicapio’s The Revenant, Slumdog Millionaire, and The Autopsy Of Jane Doe.

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