How to Stop Spotify from Opening on Startup?

Spotify is one of the best digital streaming platforms that allow you to listen to a number of songs and podcasts. However, if Spotify opens at startup, then it may slow down your computer. If you want to disable automatic startup, then follow the steps given below.

Turn off Auto-Start through Spotify Application

You should follow these directions given below:

  1. You should launch the Spotify application on your device.
  2. After that, open Settings.
  3. Then choose the Advanced Settings option.
  4. You can check an option labeled ‘Open Spotify automatically when you log in to the computer.’
  5. Now, beneath the ‘Startup and Windows Behavior’ section, choose the ‘No’ option.

Turn off Auto-Start through Task Manager

You should follow these directions given below:

  1. Press the ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’ keys to launch the Task Manager.
  2. Thereafter, select the Startup option. It will show you the apps that are scheduled to launch at startup.
  3. You should find the Spotify application through the list and click on it.
  4. Now, select the Disable option.

Turn off “Allow Spotify to be Launched through the Web”

You should follow these directions given below:

  1. You should launch the Spotify application on your device.
  2. Thereafter, open  Settings.
  3. Then choose the Advanced Settings.
  4. Now, switch the toggle of ‘Allow Spotify to be opened from the web.’ It will be beneath the ‘Startup and Windows Behavior’ field, and it may be enabled by default.

Change the File Name 

You should follow these directions given below:

  1. Navigate to the Desktop, and right-click on the shortcut icon of Spotify, and choose the Delete option.
  2. Press the ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’ buttons t to launch the Task Manager.
  3. Go to the Processes section.
  4. You should select the process of Spotify.exe, and right-click on it.
  5. Choose the ‘Open file location’ option.
  6. Now, shut the Spotify application, in case it is running.
  7. Right-click on the Spotify.exe through the File Explorer and choose the ‘Rename’ option.
  8. Later, include an extra 1 to the name and hit the Enter key.
  9. It will be Spotify1.exe’now, and you should able to modify the name as you want.
  10. Finally, select ‘spotifylauncher.exe’ and right-click on it through the File Explorer.
  11. After that, choose the Rename option.
  12. Now, include an extra 1 to the name and press the Enter button.

We are hopeful that the steps mentioned above will help you stop Spotify from opening on startup.

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Top Shows on CBS All Access (According to IMDB)

We are lucky to have a huge number of online streaming platforms that provide us with a wide selection of varied content to opt and watch from. While some of these shows or movies were previously released and are now available to watch again, there exist some that are originals. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and CBS All Access are some of the examples of leading platforms that offer quality content at just a click away. Here is a list of top 8 shows that are exclusively available on CBS All Access and are rated well on IMDB:

The Good Fight

A by-product of the concept of The Good Wife, this show is set up with a legal background and released on the CBS All Access platform three years back. The writing of the script of the show intended for it to be an exclusive product for CBS All Access to air. Hence it is not a shock that this show tops the list here. The Good Fight also motivated the platform to produce more such content that will be limited to their platform. The show has an IMDB rating of 8.3 at present.

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard aired on the platform this year and did not stream on any others. The series stars Sir Patrick Steward in his highly commended role of Jean-Luc Picard. Fans had been constant in their demand to see more of Picard’s character. The show depicts the man living a decent and peaceful life, which takes an unexpected turn when a woman called Dahj asks for his help. The show has an identical IMDB rating as that of The Good Fight.

Why Women Kill

The show is a morbid comedy series released on the platform last year. The series deals with the lives of three different and unrelated women in three different eras with one factor common: cheating life partners. The show puts into perspective what the women go through when their husbands decide to disrespect their wedding vows. The show also had an IMDB rating of 8.3.


The show went on air on CBS in the second month of 2020. The platform released all the episodes together and allowed subscribers to binge on the show. Interrogation falls in the drama crime genre because of the unique plotline wherein a murder convict continually claims his innocence. The format lets people shuffle and watch the episodes between the pilot and the finale. For all the lawyers and detectives at heart, you can watch the evidence on the show and create your conclusions before watching the scriptwriter’s view. The show has a 7.4 rating on IMDB.

Tell Me A Story

This CBS exclusive released on the platform two years back. Fans of Vampire diaries and Stefan Salvatore may take a special interest in the show because actor Paul Wesley is a common string between both the series. Just like Once Upon A Time, this show brings an irregular and morbid spin to the classic fairy tales. The dark theme of the show tips the scale towards psychological thriller and bends less towards the happy and fun bedtime stories we have all heard. With a 7.2 rating on IMDB, the show is a pretty interesting watch.

Star Trek: Short Treks

Visibly, Star Trek is a repeated name on this list. Fans of this space-based show are in luck since they can explore a lot of different plot angles of the show accumulated on one platform. Star Trek: Short Treks is a compiled show that was released on CBS All Access two years back. The show currently has a 7.0 rating on IMDB.

Strange Angel

Strange Angel takes its audience back for nearly eight decades. The show aired on the streaming platform in 2018, and the couple seasons ended last year. The plot revolves around Jack Parsons, who may look like a regular blue-collar worker mopping a chemical plant’s floors, but that’s not all. Things start to get interesting when Jack’s wishes to have a mysterious life come true, and he is sucked into a secret underworld of the supernatural. IMDB gives the show a 6.9 rating.

Mr. Magoo

Some classics are so perfect and relevant in every era that their recreation should not mean a change in the storyline. One of those is the animated series of Mr. Magoo. The main character has terrible eyesight, and the mayhem he causes when he forgets to wear his spectacles is golden. Some very basic differences that exist on the CBS All Access rendition of the show are minimal like lack of a fedora hat. With a rating of 6.8 on IMDB, this show is a great entertainer.

CBS broadcasting company owns and operates the streaming platform CBS All Access. Other high rated shows to watch on CBS All Access are The Twilight Zone, One Dollar, Survivor, and Tooning Out The News.

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Why Did Joker Win Only 2 Oscars?

Are you a DC fan? Did you watch Joker last year? Was it amazing? Of course, it was, wasn’t it?

Joker is a film about the antagonist of the DC comic “The Batman”. It was directed by Todd Phillips and produced by Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper and Emma Tillinger Koskoff.

Sources :- Joker Win Only 2 Oscars

Joaquin Phoenix brilliantly portrayed the character of Joker; it would be fair to say he really dived into the skin of the character and explored the well-written character spectacularly. But why did it only receive two Oscars despite having 11 nominations? If you are also wondering about it, then join us.

Joker was released in 2019, and it is an American psychological thriller beautifully written and structured by Scott Silver and Todd Phillips. Although Phillips conceived the idea of Joker in 2016 and he wrote the screenplay in 2017 along with Silver. The two were inspired by the Martin Scorsese movie Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy. It took one year to complete the writing process. With the October release, Joker became the first R-rated film to make over $1 billion worldwide.


The movie was based in 1981, the protagonist Arthur Fleck is a part-time clown and an aspiring stand-up comedian, who lives in Gotham City with his mother, Penny. Arthur has a medical disorder that causes him to laugh in inappropriate situations. On the other hand, Gotham is filled with crime and unemployment. One day Arthur is attacked by a gang of rowdies in an alley, after which his co-worker, Randall, gives him a gun for self-defence. While entertaining at a hospital for children, Arthur accidentally drops the gun from his pocket, and gets fired.This is when Arthur decides to stand up for himself.

Cast and Performance

Joaquin Phoenix played the role of the protagonist Arthur Fleck or the Joker. The character was mentally ill, and an aspiring stand-up comedian who was disregarded by society.

Phoenix studied and understands the character well. He lost around fifty pounds for the movie. It was delightful as a viewer to watch such an outstanding and neat performance.

Robert De Niro played the Murray Franklin character, who hosts a talk show.

Frances Conroy played Penny Fleck, Arthur’s physically and mentally ill mother. She was also a great performer.

Oscar Nominations and Awards

Joker got 11 nominations for the Oscars this year. It was the only movie that night which was nominated for 11 categories. The nomination categories are namely, Best Actor for Joaquin Phoenix, Best Original Music Score for Hildur Guonadottir, Best Picture for Bradley Cooper and Todd Phillips, Best Director Todd Phillips, Best Adapted Screenplay for Todd Phillips and Scott Silver, Best Cinematography for Lawrence Sher, Best Film Editing for Jeff Groth, Best Sound Editing for Alan Robert Murray, Best Sound Mixing for Tom Ozanich, Best Makeup and Hairstyling for Nicki Ledermann. However, the movie got only two Oscar Awards, one for Best Actor and other for Best Original Music Score.

But to be honest, it was widely expected, and it happened for the best.

 For the first time, a film which is not in the English language won the Oscars. We are talking about Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite”.

The evening was a tight race for Joker, because of some fantastic movies like Sam Mendes’s drama 1917, Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Martin Scorsese’s gangster story ,The Irishman.

So here is why Joker received only two Oscars even after having 11 nominations. Joker is a great movie, and whether it won any awards or not, it will have a special place in our heart.

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Everything You Need to Know About Watch Dogs: Legion

The first revelation of the game Watch Dogs: Legion by Ubisoft was during a conference in 2019. However, now the Watch Dogs: Legion has come up with a new release date. The characters from the Guy Ritchie film in the Watch Dogs: Legion will figure out your navigation through the dystopian London streets when you will be on the mission to take back your city. In the earlier announcement as of March 6, 2020, was the release date given for Watch Dogs: Legion, however, it was later pushed further on to October 29, 2020, so that the team can get more time for the development of the game to provide a much better user-experience to the players. Even though there are delays in the launch of the game, in the end, you will surely be getting a great experience in the gameplay.

In this article, we have discussed every detail regarding the game. You may refer to the below-mentioned titles for further information.

Release Date of Watch Dogs: Legion

The recently revealed date for the release of Watch Dogs: Legion is October 29, 2020.  The game will be launched for many platforms. You can play it on Xbox One, PS4, PS5 Stadia, PC, and Xbox Series X. The game will be a Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store exclusive for the PCs.

Watch Dogs: Legion will also be available on UPLAY+, which is a subscription service of Ubisoft. Ubisoft will also offer free upgrades for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Trailers of Watch Dogs: Legion

A recent trailer got released for Watch Dogs: Legion on the main YouTube channel of Ubisoft on July 12. Many trailers have been released by far, which have given us an overview of the gameplay and have shown us some of the game’s insights. Earlier also Ubisoft has revealed several trailers at Gamescom 2019 and E3 2019. In the game itself, you can play as more than one character. You can play as anyone, and can recruit anyone as a gameplay character.

Preview of Watch: Dogs Legion

The game might seem to have repetitiveness, but you will get surprises at every instance. Even though Watch: Dogs Legion is delayed, it has allowed the developers to introduce more aspects in the game. They have got enough time to maximize the gameplay mechanics and improve the quality of the game.

News & Rumors of Watch Dogs: Legion

There are various rumors about the game before its release, which we have tried to cover. Some might resemble those which you might have heard.

There are various revelations regarding the game about the location. The simulation of the place will be even more in-depth in the game than it currently appears. There will be more details related to the occupations of the characters in the gameplay world. The gamers will be able to play as any character appearing in the city. The characters can be an employee of any field or can be a crook.

You can even play as a character of a descendent of one of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s protagonists. There are many hands-on impressions by YouTubers, which you can see for further in-depth clarifications.

Watch Dogs: Legion will not release with a hiked price. This is one of the best news we have heard about. The game will come at a price of around $60. However, the next-generation of Watch Dogs: Legion might come with a hiked price, but for this one, we are pretty sure that it will have a reasonable price.

You can have access to a lot of things by hacking. You can set traps to hunt the enemies, take control of the security cameras, and also activate bollards and more.

Setting of Watch Dogs: Legion

You will see many security features in Watch Dogs: Legion. There is a vast surveillance setup, organized military structures, dealing with the crime. All of this can be seen in the dystopian London, where the game is set. You will get the role of being a member of a Dedsec, which is a resistance group. The Dedsec will aim to recruit a large number of members so that they can easily overthrow the regiment behind the destruction.

Recruits of Watch Dogs: Legion

You can recruit anyone, be it cops, workers, engineers, employees of a company, sports player, or anyone. The recruited individuals will receive perks according to the actions you will take.

However, in some instances, there might not be a facility to recruit every individual, so you will have to look for the right individuals to recruit. You will need to recruit the individuals by the process, which will involve the various tasks to complete.

After finishing the tasks, they can join your team. And once you have created your team, you can switch among the individuals while playing the game and customize them according to the situations.


Watch Dogs: Legion was to release in March 2020. However, it got pushed further to release late in 2020. This has helped the developers in getting the right amount of time to develop the game more precisely. The game will now release on October 29, 2020.

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A Complete Review of HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is one of the most robust software regarding customer service for small and large businesses. Having powerful tools for working and being a versatile service, makes HubSpot Service Hub one of the best CRMs available in today’s world. It has powerful Customer Relationship Management tools and effective and fully customizable plans and solutions for businesses of almost all sizes.

Sources :- HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is developed by HubSpot, one of the leading providers of software for business management. With the help of HubSpot Service Hub, you can grow your business very effectively with its advanced CRM tools.

In today’s world, your business is entirely dependent on the service you provide. If your service is up to the mark of customer satisfaction, you will be not only able to retain the existing customers, but also be able to add new ones. There are a large number of brands that are not able to retain their existing customers because customers don’t find their service satisfactory.

But HubSpot Service Hub has made sure to consider all the factors so that excellent support can be provided to the customers.

HubSpot Service Hub: Plans & Pricing

HubSpot provides three varied plans for Service Hub. It has a price range between $30 to $1200 for a month. This price range is for base subscriptions of HubSpot Service Hub. You can also opt for a complete HubSpot Growth Suite bundle. You can also build up your custom package in which you can add the Service Hub programs and any other programs you need. HubSpot offers a set of essential customer service tools, team email, ticketing, simple reporting capabilities, and live chat for free.

In the titles below, we have mentioned the plans of HubSpot Service Hub. You may go through each one of them to know about their pricing.

  1. Service Hub Starter

The cheapest plan of HubSpot costs $50 per month; however, you will get it at the cost of $30 if you are lucky enough to get discounts. Service Hub Starter gives access to the HubSpot CRM, and this plan is loaded with different management tools related to communication. It provides ticketing, team email interface, conversational bots, and live chat.  This plan also comes with a collection of tools related to product optimization, and it also provides impressive reports. If you want to add additional users, you can do so for $30 per user and per month. If you wish to make customizations in your plan, various add-ons let you do that. Very efficiently.

  • Service Hub Professional

The cost of this plan is $400 per month. However, after discounts, your final price might come to be around $240. This plan includes everything which is there in the Starter plan along with five paid users. You can create tutorial videos, a knowledge base, and also access a range of automation tools and more advanced reports along with all the features as mentioned above. If you want to add more extras, you can add them to the price of $48.

  • Service Hub Enterprise

This plan will activate a complete set of Service Hub features. The base price of this service is $1200 for a month, where up to 10 users can access it. You get all the features of the Professional pack and a wide range of tools to manage large teams. There are various other features like single sign-on networks, slack integrations, and user roles. If you want to add more users, you can do so by paying the price of $120.

HubSpot Service Hub: Features

HubSpot Service Hub has compelling features. In the points below, we have described some of them to give you a better understanding of what kind of service HubSpot Service Hub is providing.

  1. It is a Help desk software for the starters as it has a clear and very responsive interface and has tools that will help you to respond to different customer requests. The user requests get saved in the form of tickets, and whenever you want to complain again, you may go to the main interface and find out about that ticket.
  2. It is a team email software used to interact with the users. You can connect with it, a wide range of email addresses, so that you can reply to customers directly from here only. All the mails will be visible to each service person, which makes the chances of missing out any particular mail, very less.
  3. It has a knowledge base creation where you can provide guides optimized by the engine search, video tutorials, and how-to articles to the customers seeking answers to their questions.
  4. It has a powerful interface where you can search for contact details, schedule meetings, and a broad range of customizable business processes.


The HubSpot Service Hub offers a complete solution for all the needs of customer service management. It has a wide range of useful tools, which makes it an overall perfect solution. Some users might find it an expensive option, but trust us, it is a worthy product.

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What to Do If You’re Facing Audio and Video Problem During a Video Chat or Online Meeting

Are you facing audio and video problems while using online meetings or video chat software? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place because today, we are going to share with you seven things that you can do if you are facing audio and video problems during an online meeting or video chat.

Here are the seven things that you can do if you are facing an audio or video problem during a video chat or online meeting.

Check Audio and Video Settings of the Platform

The first that you must-do if you are having sound or video issues while using an online meeting platform like Zoom or Google Hangout, is to check the audio button and video settings of the software/app. Why? Because there are many online meeting platforms or software that, by default, mute the audio of the participant when they join an online meeting.

Similarly, if you have video issues, check your webcam settings and the video settings of the online meeting software to ensure that your video feed is not getting affected by them.

Ensure That You Have Selected the Right Devices

This is another common cause due to which you might be facing audio or video problems in your video chat or meeting, especially if you have multiple audio/video devices connected to your system. So, go to the audio and video settings of the software and check which devices are being used by the software for audio/video and change these settings to select the right device if the software is using the wrong devices for audio/video.

Install Latest Drivers

If your webcam/microphone is not getting detected by the system, then try updating your computer’s audio/video driver. To do this, go to “Device Manager” and update your audio, video, and USB drivers. Next, download the latest driver for your webcam/microphone through its manufacturer’s website. Once you have installed all the latest drivers, recheck your system to see whether the problem is solved or not.

Check Your Computer’s Privacy Settings

Another thing that you can do if you are having trouble audio and video trouble is to check your computer’s privacy settings. Many times, people accidentally disable microphone and camera settings of their system and thus face audio and video problems on their device. To check your privacy settings:

  1. Click on the “Home” button.
  2. Now click on the settings icon.
  3. Next, go to Settings>Privacy.
  4. Next, click on “Camera/Microphone.”
  5. Enable “Camera/Microphone” if disabled in privacy settings.

If you are a Mac user, then go to “System Preferences” and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to “Security & Privacy.”
  2. Click on the padlock and enter your password.
  3. Now check whether you have granted microphone and camera access to the software that you are using for video chatting or online meeting or not.

Check Your Browser Settings

If you are using your browser like Google Chrome for video chatting or online meeting, make sure that you have given microphone and camera access permission to the browser. To check these permissions in Google Chrome:

  1. Click on ellipses or three dots.
  2. Navigate to Settings> Privacy and Security.
  3. Now click on “Site Settings” under the “Privacy and Security” section.
  4. Check your microphone and camera settings.
  5. If you have blocked the browser from accessing your camera and microphone, then give access permission to the browser.

Connect Your Webcam and External Microphone to Different USB Port

If you are facing video or audio issues, then try connecting your webcam and external microphone device to a different port. By doing this, you can check whether your system’s USB port is working correctly or not. If you see that connecting your webcam and external microphone to different ports solves your problem, then take your computer to an expert for fixing the faulty USB port.

Use Different Webcam and Microphone

Finally, the last thing that you can do if you are facing audio and video problems is to try connecting a different webcam/microphone to your system and see if the problem gets solved or not. If the problem gets solved, then your webcam and microphone are faulty, and it’s time that you purchase a new microphone/webcam for your computer.


These were the seven things that you can do if you are facing audio or video problems during an online meeting. So, do try these tips if you are facing audio or video problems during a video chat or online meeting.

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Pokémon Sword & Shield: How to Find and Catch Psyduck

After the invasion of Isle of Armor DLC in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the game has changed a lot. Over 200 new Pokemons have been added to the game, along with several new aspects. However, 100 Pokemons from the 200 new Pokemons list have been retained from previous generation video games. Besides, there are quite a few Pokemons that have been featured in the famous anime series and video games. Psyduck is one of those Pokemon, and in this article, we are going to brief the gamers about how to find and catch Psyduck in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Sources :- Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to Find and Catch Psyduck

Before heading further to the following process, let us first brief the gamers about Psyduck a bit. The Water and Psychic-type Pokemon, Psyduck is quite popular amongst the players, thanks to its comic role in the Pokemon anime series. Misty, a fellow member of Ash’s team, once finds Psyduck on their way, and ever since then, Psyduck is with her. The creators of the anime series have shown Misty’s Psyduck as a mentally disabled Pokemon who is worthless; however, he astonishes everyone with his great moves during several fights.

Gamers have to initiate this process by travelling towards the Isle of Armor DLC. Players who haven’t purchased the DLC need to buy it first to get their hands on Psyduck. Moreover, gamers have to buy Net Balls to capture Psyduck because it will allow them to obtain a water-type Psyduck. Here are the locations where players should try to find Psyduck:

  • Players should visit Brawlers Cave to find Psyduck as it is the ideal place to encounter the newly arrived Pokemon.
  • Gamers should visit Challenge Beach because it is the place where Psyduck has the highest spawning rate.

Players also need to know that the weather condition rule is also liable over Psyduck’s spawning. Thus, gamers should visit these areas during Sandstorms, Snowstorms, and foggy weather because these are the most suitable weather conditions for Psyduck spawning.


The article contains information about Psyduck, one of the most primitive Pokemon. In this article, we have provided methods alongside locations to find and catch Psyduck. We hope that gamers who have visited this article will surely accomplish their goal of catching Psyduck.

Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch.

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Some of the Best Productivity Apps for Android and iOS

Some of the Best Productivity Apps for Android and iOS

Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool for everyone, and we can not even imagine our lives without smartphones. Mobile phones are very useful and help us in various ways. And what if I share some of the best productivity apps with you that can help you become more efficient and productive? So, without wasting much time, let’s begin.

Sources :- Apps for Android and iOS


This app can help you with organizing and prioritizing your tasks. It can help you to manage your team as well if you work in a big organization. It has a very straightforward interface that allows you to customize your lists, boards, cards easily to organize your work.


It is one of the best goal tracking apps that can help you to accomplish your daily goals. This app shows you your progress and the deadline for your tasks.


This app is not available for Android and only compatible with iOS. Fantastical allows you to use iPhone compatible voice assistant Siri, which means you will not have to write everything you want to add on the app.


It is a time management app that can help you schedule your events, appointments, and other tasks. It has a telephone directory access feature that identifies and blocks the spam calls.


Evernote is a note management app that can help you manage your professional and personal drafts on your smartphone, and the best thing about it is that it allows you to sync your data on multiple devices.


Combster is an app for entertainment. You can watch millions of trending videos from different platforms on this application. It has an appealing interface that gathers the videos for you related to your taste.


It is one of the best productivity apps that can help you to make PDFs of your files. Just open the app and click pictures of the documents, and the app will collect the entire images and create a PDF. It allows you to arrange your pages too.

7 Minute Workout

This app is for working out. It contains 12 different exercises that you can do in 7 minutes, and to do these exercises you don’t even need any special equipment. This app supports Google Fit; it has a voice guidance system, which can help you get in shape. It will give you a notification for the daily workout too.


This app will help you to make yourself calm and peaceful. It will guide you to do classical relaxation as well as meditation techniques. It also has a sleep sound feature that can help you to sleep better.

360 Security

It is a smartphone protecting app that can help you protect your phone from malware, remove viruses, and delete junk files. It can also optimize your phone’s memory and boost it.


This app can help you to consolidate your credit or debit card and your business account. It can also track your credit score.


OmniFocus is only compatible with iOS. It helps you to manage and gives you the notifications of upcoming tasks. With this application organizing your work will become very easy.


TeamViewer allows you to control your other computer devices. You can manage the computer systems with macOS, Windows, and Linux with this app.

You can find many more productivity apps for your Android and iOS smartphones that will help you accomplish your goals; this article contains some of the best productivity apps you should be using.

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Paper Mario: How to Get the Secret Ending

Mario is one of the most renewed video games ever, thanks to Nintendo for putting so much effort into it. Recently, Nintendo again released a new game version of Paper Mario: The Origami King. Meanwhile, the game is attaining positive reviews worldwide. Furthermore, even though Paper Mario is a renewal version of the Mario franchise, several perks make it a bit different.

Sources :- Paper Mario

The most significant difference is its ending; there are various ways to accomplish victory in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Each of these endings offer different rewards and rely on the preference of the gamers. Besides all this, there is a specific secret ending that is quite simple to accomplish. However, finding it is a real challenge, and thus, we are here to help the gamers. Below we have provided a proper workaround to get the secret ending in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

How to Get the Secret Ending

Before heading further to the following process, let us first brief the gamers about the secret ending. Players need to know that the ending of Paper Mario requires the gamers to get all collectibles, all non-bottomless holes, and all hidden toads. However, it would probably consume a lot of time; thus, the secret ending is a much better option to go with. Below we have individually briefed about each of them alongside the ways to accomplish them with ease.

All Hidden Toads

Players need to know that there is a total number of 145 toads, and each of them is hidden in distinctive locations. Players have to use the hammer to hit and make them free. Once players have freed up all the 145 toads, then they are allowed to go for non-bottomless holes.

All Non-Bottomless Holes

Gamers have to fill all the non-bottom using Confetti, and it can only be possible when gamers have defeated all the foes that are guarding them. Players must use the map and keep looking for the non-bottomless holes until they get a notification for the task completion.

All Collectibles

There are nearly 120 collectable statues that Mario has to gather to unlock the secret ending in Paper Mario. Additionally, there are several lost songs in Paper Mario that gamers need to find and collect to accomplish this task. Once players have accomplished this task, then they need to move further to trophies.

All Trophies

Finally, the ideal task that all the gamers are already pursuing is to earn all the trophies. There are a total of 15 trophies that players will get as a reward when they accomplish tasks. These tasks include finding all paper mache statues, catching Legendary Cheep Cheep, and Legendary Blooper. When players complete all these tasks, they will get all 15 trophies, and hence they will become eligible for a secret ending.

Now, the final task that players have to complete to mark a victory in Paper Mario: The Origami King; it is to defeat Origami King, aka Olly. Once players have succeeded in beating him, they will be declared a winner by the game.


The article contains information about the secret ending aspect of Paper Mario: The Origami King. In this article, we have provided the easiest and best way to get the secret ending in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

Paper Mario: The Origami King can be played on Nintendo Switch.

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Best Fun Apps to Kill Your Time

In today’s life, everyone is so busy in their work that it is quite difficult for a person to find a friend who can spend his time with him. And even if you have good friends who spend their time with you, still it is not possible to have your friends with you all the time. So, ultimately you will see yourself doing nothing in your free time. If you think you are also one of the people who face difficulty passing his spare time, this is not going to happen with you again.

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Now, you will not feel bored anymore, because today we are going to share some of the best apps to kill your free time.


It is a gaming app with a simple interface. It is a puzzle, as well as a number game. You will find some tiles in this game in the order of 4×4. You have to move these tiles right, left, up, and down to bring two tiles together of the same number. When you bring the two tiles of the same number together, these tiles will merge into one, and a new tile will be formed. The number on the new tile will be the product result of the numbers written on the previous tiles. Once you merge the tiles, a new tile will automatically appear on the empty slot. You have to continuously merge the tiles until you achieve the product of merged numbers 2048, which is quite impossible to attain. Once you cross the number 512, the game’s level will increase and become difficult for you to find more options to move and merge the tiles. This is an exciting game, and once you start playing it, you won’t even realize when your free time has passed.


It is a brain-teasing game, and you must try it. This game will help you to learn new things funnily. What more one can expect from a mobile app when it is helping you learn and play the game as well, you can challenge the participants from all around the world. This app provides you a lot of topics to choose to play the game such as general knowledge, sports, movies, Disney, video games, etc. You can also check your performance on the leaderboard. You can get a new title on the leaderboard by winning the challenges, and you also can create your quiz on your favorite topic. Once you start playing this game, you will become addicted to it; this is a fantastic game to kill your time. 


One of the best ways to pass your time effectively is reading books. Many people like reading in their spare time, and if you are one of them, then this app is best for you. Pocket allows you to save the content from various platforms like YouTube, Twitter, BBC News, New York Times, The Guardian, Washington Post, etc. If you find something interesting while browsing the news feed and the content is so long that you can not consume right away, then you can save that article or video on Pocket and read or watch whenever you have free time. You can also use the Pocket to read your stuff offline once it syncs your content. It also gives you suggestions on the topics related to your interest.


BuzzFeed is one of the best entertaining apps you can install from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. This app will get you all the entertaining content from the internet on your smartphone. You can watch funny videos from YouTube, enjoy jokes, and enjoy memes, funny incidents, and many more things. It also provides you an option to subscribe to the app to know the latest news. You can also save your favorite jokes and news to read later. So, if you are looking for an app that can help you pass your time, you must give it a try.


This application needs no introduction. We all are familiar with Subway Surfers; it is one of the most popular games you will ever find. This game is so addictive that once you start playing it, you won’t even notice when your hours have passed. 

These are some of the best applications that can help you not get bored in your free time, and the best thing about all these apps is you can install them on your Android as well as iOS device.

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