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How to Record Calls on iPhone (5 Simple Ways)

Apple does not allow any phone call recording features on their iPhone. If a user wants to record phone calls, then they need to download any third-party application on their iPhone from App Store, and there is not any free application for the user. So if you are using an iPhone and want to recordContinue reading “How to Record Calls on iPhone (5 Simple Ways)”

How to Fix This Application Can’t Run on Your Computer on Windows 10

We all know that Windows 10 is one of the best operating systems with advanced functions and features. However, it has several features that can cause a handful of errors. One such issue is screen error “This app can’t run on your computer.” In this article, we will teach you how you can fix thisContinue reading “How to Fix This Application Can’t Run on Your Computer on Windows 10”

Uber Getting Criticised for Stopping Food Deliveries in San Francisco

Uber has recently come forward through a statement regarding no deliveries in the Treasure Island area of San Francisco. Soon after the following statement, the people of that area, along with people from other parts of San Francisco, have criticized Uber. In its statement Uber food delivering service, Uber Eats has dropped the allegations by stating that they areContinue reading “Uber Getting Criticised for Stopping Food Deliveries in San Francisco”

How to Fix System_Service_Exception on Windows 10?

Windows can show multiple error codes and one of them is the service exception error. The users who are facing an error of System_Service_Exception on their Windows 10 devices should obtain resolve through below written instructions. The process is bit intricate, so it is suggested to be aware while reading this fix. Sources :- FixContinue reading “How to Fix System_Service_Exception on Windows 10?”

How to fix Blizzard downloader stuck?

Blizzard is a renowned app, but nowadays, it is causing stuck initializing issues. The users of Windows who are facing issues of Blizzard App getting stuck, then pursue a resolution of it through the below-written guidelines. Launch Blizzard Application with Administrative Permissions In case you intend to launch the blizzard application with administrative permissions, thenContinue reading “How to fix Blizzard downloader stuck?”

How to Use Google Chromecast on iOS and Android Devices?

Google Chromecast offers you a better stream experience as it allows you to watch the contents from your smartphone directly on the TV. The process of connecting the Chromecast player to your TV is simple, but you will require an account for streaming content from any reputed service provider. So, here are the instructions onContinue reading “How to Use Google Chromecast on iOS and Android Devices?”

Quibi: What is it? Everything You Need to Learn

Quibi is one of the trending video-streaming application for entertainment, and you can use it while on the go. The content it offers, all are generally 10 minutes long and created specifically for use on a mobile device. It is the newest video-streaming app for smartphone users and was launched on April 6, 2020. The app is now availableContinue reading “Quibi: What is it? Everything You Need to Learn”

How to Update Minecraft on Xbox 360?

Minecraft is one of the most versatile games available on the web and a big reason behind it is the constant updates it provides. However, there are times when users do not get the notification for the update. If you are facing the issue on Xbox 360, then you are not alone. Here are theContinue reading “How to Update Minecraft on Xbox 360?”

How to Fix Device Requires Further Installation in Windows 10

Drivers and Devices are an essential part of the Computer or your operating device. Both of them are essential for the PC to run smoothly. There are several users that encountered that the “Device requires further installation” error notification appears on their Windows 10 operating system. The issue occurs despite the users having the latestContinue reading “How to Fix Device Requires Further Installation in Windows 10”

How to Create Custom Zoom Backgrounds to Entertain your Coworkers

Typically when you are connected with a web camera, your camera shows your home background like your room kitchen, etc., depending on where you are. Zoom just like Microsoft Teams allows you to create a custom background. This way, the background camera will only be accessing your face and nothing unnecessary. Sources :-How to CreateContinue reading “How to Create Custom Zoom Backgrounds to Entertain your Coworkers”